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What is ITIL® All About? A Beginners Guide

Are you thinking about getting into IT infrastructure? If you are a beginner an ITIL certification is something that you must complete, if you are to be successful at implementing your skills in the workplace. Sometimes, the whole concept of ITIL can be a little overwhelming, so here’s a simplified version that can give you a comprehensive idea about ITIL, in a nutshell.

What is ITIL and why do businesses use it?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is better known as ITIL, is a vital framework for managing IT service deliveries on a global scale. ITIL defines a service lifecycle model that prescribes and lays out specific processes and activities during the design, development, delivery, and support of IT services. Just to make it simple to understand; IT services are any IT activities that deliver business value to a company’s end users, customers and other internal or external stakeholders.

For example, think about centralised corporate email and corporate websites, which are based on back-end IT processes, like a server and network administration. You should also keep in mind, that there are a few different versions of ITIL available.

What happens when a business uses ITIL?

When a business adopts the ITIL framework, they are essentially ensuring that their services are delivered according to a set of consistent, well-defined processes that always take into consideration, the best practices and processes, resulting in a service that is always predictable and consistent for users. The benefits of ITIL include reduced cost of service development and deployment, along with enhanced customer satisfaction and service delivery. It can also work to provide increased productivity from IT personnel, quality improvements, better management metrics of services and increased flexibility in adapting services to the changing business requirements. Overall, ITIL can help your business strive and adjust better.

Create a stable service development environment which supports ongoing change.

  • Enhance the enterprise architecture of your business by ensuring that the IT arm aligns with all the other sections of the business.
  • Predict and reduce service disruption or failures through accurate risk assessments.
  • Create networking opportunities and improve the quality of collaboration by incorporating ITIL’s terms and methodologies into your business practices.
  • Raise the value of your own service portfolio, thereby giving yourself better employment opportunities.
  • Quickly adapt to changes in technology, compliance and the likes, in order to continue growing and to also, maintain your competitive advantage, without falling behind.
  • Raise the standards of your profile with a globally recognised certification.

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