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Why Event planning is good for a Mum

Are you a stay at home mother looking to get back into working? A traditional desk job would not be the best idea for you given that you have a little one (or few) always needing your attention. However, one thing that will really work well for you is event planning.

Event planning even goes hand in hand with motherhood!

Want to know why and how? Here are some great reasons why you should feel at home working as an event planner while looking after your babies.

Mums can handle stress naturally

Most event planners will tell you how much stress they have to cope with on a daily basis and you as a mother have an upper hand here! You are naturally skilled at handling stress, now that you have experience of looking after an adorable little angel/monster. You can’t deny that. In fact, stress will drive you to complete your work well and on time. It will not get the better of you and you will not give up just because you have to deal with a little bit of garden variety stress. Want some inspiration, read this amazing story of how a mum of three launched a successful event planning business.

Mums are super creative

You need to be creative to be an event planner. You will be told an idea and allocated a budget and you need to use your creativity into coming up with a concept, and then turning that into a real-life theme that will be enjoyed by everybody at the event. It’s no simple task right? But wait a minute, you do this on a daily basis don’t you? Start counting the times you’ve had to become a human airplane to get that spoonful of food inside your toddler’s mouth, how you take a shower while your baby is asleep for exactly 2.5 seconds and of course the numerous ways of just getting through the day in one piece (not the baby, YOU in one piece). What’s a little event planning got on you?

Meeting deadlines is your middle name

Let’s not even talk about this one. From waking up in the morning, to catching ten minutes of sleep, to feeding times, cleaning times and every other time in between you are the queen of deadlines. You give deadlines a deadline complex so you are safe and sound and in good hands with event planning. Also, let’s face it, event planning is a baby compared to your baby. Here are some other skills that you will need for event planning.

Attention to detail level – Goddess

Keeping the home clean, keeping it baby safe, keeping baby’s utensils clean, managing their feeding, watching out to make sure they are not feeling ill or packing an entire set of miniature soldiers into their nose and the million other duties that come with motherhood all requires one key skill; meticulous attention to detail, and that is something you will really need to rely on when it comes to event planning too. One more reason why you’ve got this and why you can win this.

Flexible working patterns that suits you

One of the main reason women give up on their professional lives after motherhood is because the rigid working times and deadlines will not allow them time to be around their baby. But when you are a businesswoman/mother running an event planning business from home you are your boss. You can set up times as is convenient and you can definitely say no to any work that you feel will take you far from your baby or not give them enough time.

It’s a rewarding industry that will give you a lot

Being a mother is amazing but is also really hard and life-altering at times. One of those times would be when you wake up one day and realise that you no longer have a life outside of your home and your baby. It can make you feel a little down and the immediately guilty for feeling like your baby took your job away from you. How are we doing so far? So here’s the solution. Do event planning! You will still be a great super mum and you will be a working professional too. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds, on your terms! The money will be good, the scope for growth is positive and you will feel excited to work.

How much do event planners charge?

The answer to this question is that it changes. There are many different factors that come into play like your portfolio, the experience that you have in the industry, your vendor commission and so much more. If you want to know about how you should plan out your packages and service rates, here is a great blog that can help you out.

Now that you know you have what it takes, are you ready to get started? But first you need to know the tricks of the trade and for that you need to learn it.

How do I get a certificate for event planning?

While you may think that you do not require formal education for something like event planning, learning this will not only teach you how to plan an event but also other aspects like marketing your business and sustaining it which are super important. That’s where Global Edulink has got your back.

We are a leading online education provider in London known for our attention to quality and consistency and we have an amazing selection of recognised qualifications event planning courses in the UK along with free event planning programs too!

The best part about these courses is that you can study from home and at your own pace which makes it easier for mums to accomplish their career goals while looking after their kids.

Our programs include;

Event Planning Advanced Diploma in Event Planning & Managing – Level 3 Complete Event Planning Course Bundle Mastering Event Planning, Designing, and Decorating Diploma in Wedding Planning & Managing – Level 3 Party Planning for All

Did our blog help you? Let us know. For any queries on our trainings contact us on [email protected]


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