Level 2 Certificate in Phlebotomy

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Awarded By Endorsed by 'NCFE'
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What Will I Learn?

To be able to use a complete range of lab equipment effectively
Administer blood-sampling tasks effectively
Learn skills to practice phlebotomy techniques
Gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills
Learn more about arm anatomy to draw blood samples
Demonstrate techniques related to correct choice of equipment
Comprehend your legal and professional responsibilities
Boost your income by working at various healthcare settings


Are you looking to head start a career in phlebotomy? 

As a phlebotomist, you will be required to collect blood samples from patients daily. To become a part of a healthcare team, developing theoretical knowledge in addition to practical blood-drawing skills will shape your career brightly. This Ofqual regulated and NCFE endorsed Level 2 Phlebotomy Certification aims to improve your lab work as well as in-person clinical practices. You will learn how the best phlebotomy practices contribute to healthcare systems as a whole.

The WHO (World Health Organisation), emphasises phlebotomy training for professionals above 16 years involved in jobs related to phlebotomy. The Certification in Phlebotomy is a recognised qualification that teaches a range of skills from phlebotomy basics to safety and control techniques. You will:

  • Learn hospital administration, infection types, and control mechanisms
  • Gain blood-drawing experience using the best practices
  • Become an impeccable member of the healthcare team
  • Be exposed to several new experiences and skills to handle blood specimen

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The benefits of studying the course with us! 

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  • Career progression

In 2020, over 340,000 learners from over 2,000 colleges, schools, and training organisations chose NCFE as the awarding organisation to help them move their careers forward.

NCFE is an educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning. It is the third-largest professional qualification awarding body in the United Kingdom. NCFE attempts to keep up with the constant changes in the industry and provide more sustainable solutions for the voids in technical education and practical courses that can facilitate professionals to be more fortified with skills and knowledge.

  • Phlebotomists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Professional nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Paramedics staff
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Allied health staff
  • Medical students
  • Secure your seat if you are above 19 years and want to start a career early in this challenging industry
  • Having a basic understanding of the English language is vital

All students are required to complete an assignment in order to successfully complete the Level 2 Certificate in Phlebotomy.

Once the course and exam are completed, the learners are awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Phlebotomy.

The Level 2 Certificate in Phlebotomy will improve your eligibility for several esteemed jobs in global healthcare organisations. This recognised qualification will allow you to demonstrate expertise in phlebotomy, blood sampling, and patient management. You can also use this certification worldwide to expand your job options and enrol in advanced educational courses related to the subject.

According to Adzuna UK, the average salary of a qualified phlebotomist in the UK is GBP 39, 222 per year.

Key Features

Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
Support by Phone, Live Chat, and Email
Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card
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Course Curriculum

1. Phlebotomy: The Historical Perspective
1.1 Phlebotomy: The Historical Perspective
1.2 History
1.3 Devices Used for Drawing Blood
1.4 Universal Precautions and Biosafety Techniques
1.5 Infection Prevention
2. Human Anatomy & Physiology
2.1 Human Anatomy & Physiology
2.2 Skin Layers
2.3 General Structure Arteries and Veins
3. The Tourniquet
3.1 The Tourniquet
3.2 Proper Method For Tying a Tourniquet
4. Assembling the Equipment
4.1 Assembling the Equipment
4.2 Assembling the Equipment
5. Blood Collection Routine Venepuncture & Specimen Handling
5.1 Blood Collection Routine Venepuncture & Specimen Handling
5.2 Venipuncture Procedure
5.3 Order Form
5.4 Labeling the Sample
5.5 Equipment
5.6 Order of Draw
5.7 Venipuncture Site Selection
5.8 Performance of a Venipuncture
5.9 Troubleshooting Guidelines
5.10 Performance of a Fingerstick
5.11 Blood Collection on Infants
5.12 Additional Considerations
5.13 Safety and Infection Control
6. Possible Complications from Phlebotomy
6.1 Possible Complications from Phlebotomy
6.2 Problems Obtaining a Specimen
6.3 Patient Complication
7. Blood Samples & Collection
7.1 Blood Samples & Collection
7.2 Types of Blood Samples
7.3 Collection Tubes
7.4 Crossmatches
7.5 Blood Culture
7.6 Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
7.7 General Collection Requirements
7.8 Special Collection Techniques
7.9 Collecting a Blood Sample Using a Butterfly Needle Syringe
7.10 Drawing Blood Using a Lancet For Microdraw or Infant Heel Stick
7.11 Measure Bleeding Time
Arterial Puncture
Arterial Puncture
Assignment Brief
Assignment Brief – Level 2 Certificate in Phlebotomy
☑ Submit Your Assignments
(A) Assignment Submission – Level 2 Certificate in Phlebotomy

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    R J

    Riley Jordan

    January 15, 2022
    Wealth of Knowledge

    The certification course is packed with extensive learning opportunities.

    B H

    Bailey Houghton

    December 05, 2021
    Great Phlebotomy course

    This course is recognised all over the UK. I can hope for a good career in healthcare jobs.

    H W

    Haiden White

    November 17, 2021
    Effective and Informative

    I took this course from Gel to test your quality; I am seriously impressed, Thanks a bunch!

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