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Information Technology

Information Technology courses are perhaps one of the most popular programs that many individuals choose to take up in their career. The reason for this choice is rather obvious. In today’s modern workplace, no matter what you are doing or where you are working, IT is a crucial component that is integrated into every aspect of your job role. It is also something that can help you greatly in your personal life and definitely pave the way for many different types of career paths. The number of jobs available for proficient IT professionals is high and available around the world.

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Analytics for Retail Banks
  • 1 year
  • 4.5
Awarded By Edureka

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Microsoft Office Courses

We offer Microsoft Office programs as part of our information technology courses, where you will be able to learn about the applications that are used most commonly in the workplace. You will be able to develop your tech skills and learn how to work with all MS Office applications like Excel, Word, Access and Powerpoint.

Graphic designing Courses

Graphic designing is one of the most sought after careers in the world today. Many people work either independently as graphic designers and build their own business or choose to work in the advertising field where they are in high demand. Our programs will help you gain the right skills to become a skilled graphic designer.

Microsoft Official Programmes

Microsoft Office programmes include Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint and other applications that are widely used today in almost every organisation around the world. The applications form a fundamental part of our information technology courses so that our learners can gain the skills needed to work efficiently in the workplace.

Computer Programming Courses

Computer programming is a lucrative career with a large number of career paths and opportunities opening up all around the world. No matter the country that you are in, if you are highly skilled in this field you will be able to work at a great job that brings you the chance to be creative and make good money.

Operating Systems Training Courses

Being able to handle operating systems is a major requirement that most employers look for when interviewing technical personnel for a position. They need to be able to rely on you to ensure that the systems of the workplace run smoothly. Having this qualification will give you an advantage in your career moves.

Database Management Training

Can you create and manage databases? While it may sound simple, there are a large amount of complicated functions and information on a database and knowing the inside out of it will give any person working in an office an advantage. You will be able to save time and work with better accuracy on databases with our programs.

I.T. Networking and Security Courses

With information technology taking over the world, IT security and security are now essentials to any business or basically any system that is out there. Professionals who have the skills and the expertise to handle such security issues and networking problems are in high demand all around the world, with ample room for progression and a competitive package.

Data Security Training Courses

With our data security and training programs you will be able to understand data breaches and ID theft, important data security measures, basics of effective data security, how to avoid unintentional disclosure of information, security measures that can protect data on a corporate level and physical and technical safeguards.