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Advertising & Marketing

Advertising is a field that is rapidly expanding and it is one thing that almost no business can survive without. With hundreds and thousands of great employment opportunities opening up around the world in this sector, the time has never been better to take on advertising marketing courses. With Global Edulink’s marketing and advertising courses online, you now have the benefit of studying at affordable prices from your home and getting an accredited qualification in a short period of time. Join us today and begin your career journey towards success.


£249 £59 (inc. VAT)

Social Media Marketing
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Advertising & Marketing Diploma
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Marketing and Advertising Training

Learn how to sell your brand with creative and innovative advertising marketing courses from us. Browse our programs and find one that suits your career dreams and goals.

Online Marketing Courses UK

Our marketing and advertising courses online come with the latest information that will help you excel in your career. Taught by industry experts, these courses are easy to understand and fully accredited.

Become a Marketer

If you have the true skills of a marketer, there is no way you will not be able to make good sales, no matter what the product or service. Learn marketing and advertising to attract more and more audience to your business. You could make good use of online advertising courses even if you are self-employed or work for a company. Everyone needs marketing to run his or her business. We help you get online advertising courses with certificates so you can run the world with your skills!

Be Innovative

If you are in or have worked with marketing departments, you’ll know how important innovation is. You always need to come up with new ideas and campaigns to involve the audience. Global Edulink’s online advertising courses will help you refresh your mind so you can come up with fresh ideas for advertisements in all domains. We will help you understand how to advertise businesses with a lot of restrictions or with no restrictions at all! We will let you grasp the ways creative people function so you could be like one of them.


Verify your certificate

In order to guarantee the authenticity of Global Edulink certificates, every learner is assigned a unique ID that can be used to verify their certificate details. This will be found on the bottom left of the certificate. The page with verification results will display the name of the student, the qualification he/she received, and the date their certificate was issued. If you need further assistance verifying a student's certificate, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +4420-3409-7966.