Hotel Receptionist

Be the best that you can be at your profession. Our hotel receptionist training courses can help you get there. Learn all the latest tips and tricks of the trade and become more efficient with our hotel receptionist training. Be tech savvy and quick on your feet with guidance from your tutors who are also experts in the industry. All our programs are accredited so they will be recognised and will help you either carry on further studies or obtain employment.

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Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software
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Hotel Receptionist Training
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Hotel Receptionist Certification Courses

Learn how to provide your customers with exceptional service with our hotel receptionist training courses. You will be taught theory as well as practical aspects of your profession in the hotel receptionist training and you will also be taught how to work efficiently with commonly used software.

Our Certifications are Internationally Recognised

You could take a professional hotel receptionist course with us online and get a job anywhere in the world. The hospitality business is vital to be a part of since it is and will always stay prevalent in a lot of parts of the world. Don’t look elsewhere if you are looking for accredited hotel receptionist courses from home. Our online study programs make learning easy and convenient. Our courses are not bound by time or locations; you could take up a course from wherever you are. Be a part of our community today and get on board with e-learning.

What benefits does this course have?

On average, the wage of a hotel receptionist in the UK is £7.4 per hour. You could take up a hotel receptionist course online and secure yourself a job. One of the many benefits of getting into the hospitality industry is that you can progress as you gain more and more experience. The industry is very active and prevalent in many parts of the world which means you can take a hotel receptionist training online and use it wherever you live. If you have any further questions about the courses or you want to know more about e-learning, we’re always here to guide you through.


Verify your certificate

In order to guarantee the authenticity of Global Edulink certificates, every learner is assigned a unique ID that can be used to verify their certificate details. This will be found on the bottom left of the certificate. The page with verification results will display the name of the student, the qualification he/she received, and the date their certificate was issued. If you need further assistance verifying a student's certificate, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +4420-3409-7966.