Online Social Media Certification Training Program

In this time and age, it is quite difficult to run marketing campaigns with zero social media presence. Therefore, Global Edulink offers the best online social media courses and online social media certificate programmes so you can step up your business presence.


4.6( 81 REVIEWS )
 364£199 £49 (inc. VAT)


 345£199 £49 (inc. VAT)


 267£199 £49 (inc. VAT)

Marketing Tools and Tips for Success

4.8( 85 REVIEWS )
 378£199 £49 (inc. VAT)

Social Media Course Bundle

4..6( 91 REVIEWS )
 236£399 £99 (inc. VAT)

Professional Diploma in Search Marketing with Official Exam

4.6( 68 REVIEWS )
 3£1,799 £999 (inc. VAT)

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling with Official Exam

4.6( 59 REVIEWS )
 2£1,799 £999 (inc. VAT)

Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning with Official Exam

4.6( 55 REVIEWS )
 5£1,799 £999 (inc. VAT)

Certified Digital Marketing Professional with Official Exam

4.6( 66 REVIEWS )
 5£1,799 £999 (inc. VAT)

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing with Official Exam

4.6( 71 REVIEWS )
 5£1,799 £999 (inc. VAT)

Advanced Social Media Marketing

4.5( 2 REVIEWS )
 1563£249 £69 (inc. VAT)

Social Media Marketing

4( 1 REVIEWS )
 2036£249 £59 (inc. VAT)

Diploma in Social Media & Business Strategy

4.75( 15 REVIEWS )
 330£399 £199 (inc. VAT)
Use it Right

Almost all people these days are on the social media, but how many of us use it for making a business? Not a lot. Global Edulink’s social media education programmes help you know the nitty-gritties of social media that will help you grow and flourish with your brand or business. Whether you are self-employed or work for a company, the social media short courses, London, will help you use already an existent medium of interaction for advertisement and marketing. Our social media courses, though produced and organized in the UK, are available all over the world online.

Know them all

We at Global Edulink, help you get familiar with the social media so you know how to use it to your benefit. Our social media training courses help you understand how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. to run ads and reach the right target market that would be willing to buy online. Moreover, the online social media courses help increase brand presence even if the business is not functional online. We assure you the best social media courses online, UK. To know more, you can read up the outlines of each of the different courses or reach out for our active customer support that is functional 24/7.

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