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Advanced Social Media Strategy Training Course for Small Business

Optimize the performance of your marketing over the social media with advanced social media courses and social media diploma offered to you by Global Edulink. We offer courses that are certified and created by expert marketers to help you improve your online marketing skills.


 346£199 £49 (inc. VAT)

Marketing with Google and YouTube

4.9( 78 REVIEWS )
 396£199 £49 (inc. VAT)

Social Media Course Bundle

4..6( 91 REVIEWS )
 237£399 £99 (inc. VAT)

Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning with Official Exam

4.6( 55 REVIEWS )
£1,799 £999 (inc. VAT)
or only £199 (inc. VAT) intial payment


Initial Fee: £199.00
Monthly: £200.00
No. of Installments: 4
Total Price: £999.00 ( Inc. VAT)

Diploma in Social Media & Business Strategy

5( 1 REVIEWS )
 334£399 £199 (inc. VAT)
Boost your Business Marketing

Social media is a vital platform nowadays for a lot of small businesses that drive their sales from over the Internet. Either a business has an online shop of its own is governing sales over the social media itself. In both cases, an effective social media strategy for small businesses could really push the progress forward. With our courses that offer certifications as well as a professional diploma, you can learn how to grow your business sooner than you could have imagined on the social media. In case you have a confusion as to what courses is the best choice for you, you can always ask our course advisors over a 24-hour online chat. We promise we will reach you back as soon as we can with a reply!

Know the Social Media

In order to run a business using the social media, it is important to know how advertisement and marketing works on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Get social media strategy training online and learn about all the social media platforms in depth. Take the social media strategy training course with Global Edulink and get to identify all you need to know about the social media.