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Learn to take exceptional photographs

Being a photographer is an exciting and creative career, and there are many different opportunities open to you. Whether you hope to specialise in travel photography, landscape photography, or commercial photography. Alternately, you could also become a fashion photographer or display your work in a gallery, the possibilities are endless!

This Photography Course Bundle focuses on the main aspects of photography, combining courses of:

  1. Digital Photography
  2. Landscape Photography
  3. Photography with a DSLR Camera
  4. Travel Photography
  5. Commercial Photography
  6. Mobile Photography

This is so students can develop a full understanding of photography, particularly with a digital or DLSR camera and will also give valuable knowledge of using a mobile device for photography. As well as this, candidates will be fully qualified to specialise in landscape, commercial or travel photography.

The course combines practical knowledge and artistic details. Candidates will get to grips with all the fundamentals of photography from the Digital Photography, Mobile Photography and Photography with a DSLR Camera course material. Candidates will learn about composition, form, camera controls and other topics. During the other three courses students will develop the ability to use creative flair and imagination to take beautiful photos that will sell.

Studying with Global Edulink has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you, and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand. This course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). An effective support service and study materials will build your confidence to study efficiently and guide you to secure your qualification.

  • Who is this course aimed at?
  • Course Description
  • Entry requirements
  • Method of assessment
  • Certification
  • Progression and career path
This course is ideally suited to those who hope to become a photographer, whether you have experience or are a beginner.
This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the topics listed under the curriculum.
Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a good grasp of the English language, numeracy, literacy and ICT.
At the end of each course learners will take an online multiple-choice questions assessment test. This online multiple-choice question test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.
Successful candidates will be awarded a Photography certification for each course separately
This course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to kick start a successful career in the photography industry. You can also take this course as an opportunity to progress in your career substantially and to build on your expertise. Following are some of the job positions this course will qualify you for, along with the average UK salary per annum according to,
  • Photographer – £20,595 per annum
  • Commercial Photographer – £20,207 per annum
  • Videographer - £22,954 per annum
  • Art Director – £35,730 per annum
  • Creative Director – £48,490 per annum

Course Curriculum

---------------Digital Photography Training---------------
Introduction to Photography
Understanding the Basics of a Camera 00:22:00
Configure Your Camera 00:13:00
Understanding Exposure 00:14:00
Composition and Portrait Basics 00:24:00
Understanding the basics of form 00:19:00
Reviewing other Camera Controls 00:03:00
Exploring Photo Management 00:14:00
Flash in Photography
Flash Basics 00:32:00
When to use fill flash 00:32:00
Flash as a Key Light 00:15:00
Taking the Flash off Camera 00:19:00
Advanced Flash Options 00:41:00
Shooting with Multiple Flash Options 00:26:00
Which brand of flash should you buy 00:18:00
Mock Exam
Final Exam
----------------Photography With DSLR Camera-----------------
Module 01
Introduction to DSLR Camera 00:02:00
Understanding Photography 00:11:00
Module 02
DSLR Camera 00:06:00
Using Lenses 00:09:00
Recording and Production 00:12:00
Postproduction Process 00:13:00
Module 04
DSLR Pitfalls 00:06:00
Important Gear 00:08:00
---------------Travel Photography Training---------------
1. Travel Photography - the Rome
Introduction to Rome 00:01:00
An Elevated Viewpoint 00:11:00
Findings Details – Indoors, Night, Vantage & Many more 00:30:00
2. Travel Photography - the Vanice
Introduction to Venice 00:01:00
Boats on the Grand Canal 00:11:00
Reflections, Night Scene and Motion 00:22:00
3. Travel Photography - a Marine Coast Line
Introduction to the Coast Line 00:02:00
Fading Light & a Diificult Angle 00:16:00
A High Ventage Point & Harbour at Sunrise 00:19:00
Lighthouse Scene & Dreary Weather on the Coast 00:21:00
Sunset & Sunrise at the Lighthouse 1 00:33:00
4. Travel Photography -Mountains and Snow Landscapes
Introduction to Snow Landscapes Photography 00:04:00
Shooting in a Snowy Condition 1 00:30:00
Shooting a Panorama at a Lake 1 00:25:00
Shooting the sunlight in a forest location 1 00:45:00
Understanding how to shoot in the snow 1 00:29:00
Reviewing the final images 1 00:12:00
5. Travel Photography - a Desert
Introduction to Shooting in a Desert 00:09:00
Looking at the light – Day 1 00:29:00
Exploring the plan – Day 2 00:24:00
Summarising the Trip 00:19:00
----------------Commercial Photography Training-----------------
Modules 01
Introduction to Commercial Photography 00:11:00
Types of Projections 00:12:00
Modules 02
Types of Cameras 00:23:00
Tripod and Other Essential Equipments 00:20:00
Module 03
Camera and Tripod 00:27:00
Camera Settings for 360 Degree Panoramic Image 00:07:00
Shoot HDR panoramas 00:21:00
Modules 04
Post Production of Images 00:29:00
Developing with Adobe Camera 00:28:00
Modules 05
Processing RAW files 00:24:00
Processing RAW HDR files 00:36:00
Modules 06
Combining bracketed panoramas in Photomatix 00:23:00
Post-processing 00:31:00
Modules 07
Viewing on your own computer 00:16:00
Uploading and viewing a virtual tour 00:26:00
Excercise Files
Excercise Files- Commercial Photography
----------------Mobile Photography Training Course-----------------
1. Introduction to Mobile Photography
Introduction to Mobile Photography 00:08:00
2. Controlling Focus and Exposure
Controlling focus and exposure 00:12:00
3. Exploring Add-on Lenses
Exploring add-on lenses 00:21:00
4. Simple Double Exposure Effects
Simple double exposure effects 00:21:00
5. Diptychs, Triptychs, and Mirrored Images
Diptychs, triptychs, and mirrored images 00:19:00
6. Adding Lens Flare and Lighting Effects
Adding lens flare and lighting effects 00:15:00
7. Viewing and Editing Camera Phone Metadata
Viewing and editing camera phone metadata 00:16:00
8. Creative Uses for Burst Mode 
Creative uses for burst mode 00:16:00

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    K T


    February 20, 2020
    Photography course bundle

    Very informative, well explained and easy to follow.

    A S

    Arlo Sean

    March 02, 2018
    Great Course

    I learned key principles of photography that I can implement immediately.

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