Social Psychology

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Interested in the study of human interaction?

Social Psychology deals with social interactions, together with their origins and their effects on an individual. The subject attempts to explain human behaviour in a social context, how we form opinions, how we make group decisions, and how we understand ourselves. This course is a comprehensive training, so it’s perfect for individuals of all experience levels and will give you a deep understanding of the subject that you can transfer to work or further study.

This course provides an abundance of transferable skills, like communication, critical thinking and independent learning. For this reason, it could help you get a career in various sectors, such as counselling, education, human resources or social services.

Learning with Global Edulink has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand.

This course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). An effective support service and study materials will build your confidence to secure your qualification.

  • Who is this course aimed at?
  • Course Description
  • Entry requirements
  • Method of assessment
  • Certification
  • Progression and career path
  • Other Benefits
  • This course would be very suitable for anyone hoping to go on to higher study, or those hoping to work in Psychology.
  • As it concerns human behavior it would be helpful for those who work with people, like Human Resource Managers.
  • This course would also benefit people who work in advertising or marketing.
This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the topics listed under the curriculum.
Learners must be age 16 or over and should have basic understanding of the English Language, numeracy, literacy and ICT.
At the end of the course learners will also take an online multiple choice questions assessment test. This online multiple choice questions test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.
Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Certificate in Social Psychology.
On the successful completion of this course in social psychology, you will be eligible to work for a range of job roles in the psychology industry. You can also use this course to study further in the subject or to progress substantially in your career. Listed below are few of the job roles this course will qualify you for, along with the average UK salary per annum according to,
  • Clinical Psychologist – £39,537 per annum
  • Mental Health Counselor – £24,270 per annum
  • Educational Psychologist – £39,945 per annum
  • Forensic Psychologist – £31,283 per annum
  • Psychologist – £30,955 per annum
  • Sports Psychologist – £25,000 per annum
  • High quality e-learning study materials and mock exams.
  • Tutorials/materials from the industry leading experts.
  • 24/7 Access to the Learning Portal.
  • Benefit of applying TOTUM Discount Card.
  • Recognised Accredited Qualification.
  • Excellent customer service and administrative support.

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Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Online Training User Manual
E Certificate Download Guide 00:00:00
Fundamentals of Social Psychology
Fundamentals of Social Psychology 00:36:00
Exploring Research Methods and Ethics
Exploring Research Methods and Ethics 01:15:00
Studying Social Cognition & Perception
Studying Social Cognition & Perception 00:48:00
Identifying the Self in a Social Context
Identifying the Self in a Social Context 00:54:00
Understanding Attitudes and Persuasion
Understanding Attitudes and Persuasion 00:56:00
What are Group Decisions?
What are Group Decisions? 00:52:00
Understanding Attraction & Close Relationships
Understanding Attraction & Close Relationships 01:06:00
Discrimination, Stereotypes and Prejudice
Discrimination, Stereotypes and Prejudice 01:15:00
How to Apply Social Psychology?
How to apply Social Psychology? 01:14:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam : Social Psychology 01:00:00
Final Exam
Exam: Social Psychology 01:09:00

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    Nilanko Mallik

    March 31, 2020

    Very good course! Mock Exam and Final Exam were really tough and tested all the lessons. Course is detailed and well-structured.

    A K

    Ayden Kain

    November 13, 2017
    social Psychology

    the course is very informative . Perfect course.I learned so many things about social Psychology can help me with my life.

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