The benefits of an accounting course

Accountancy courses are arguably the most popular across all industries, and for good reason. The skills these courses provide are highly transferable and constantly in demand. Whether you are working in a finance based role or not, an accountancy course is certain to enhance your CV for any potential employer.

Accounting is a core function within every business. Although this responsibility is not shared by everyone, it’s fair to say that in today’s world of stringent cost management, those who have a keen understanding of the financial aspect of business are in a strong position.

Our online accounting course will provide you with a solid grasp of the basic accounting principles which can be applied across a variety of roles. If you are planning on following bookkeeping, credit control, office admin, payroll or even fully fledged accounting as a career choice, our courses will increase your employability from the outset.

Some of the highly valued skills that our courses will provide you with are computerised accounting, understanding of financial statements, tax and audit, invoicing and plenty more. Which skills will provide the most value to your situation? Take a look at our accounting and bookkeeping course options here.

The beauty of following accountancy education is not only the skill set you obtain, but the fact that accounting job roles are some of the most common opportunities available, even for those with minimal experience.

If you’re not planning to follow accountancy as a career, the specialised information that you pick up on our bespoke courses will provide you with saleable skills. Once you have completed the course and gain some practical experience, you can become a freelancer, setting your own pricing in your own time. Bookkeeping freelancers can charge up to £25 an hour!

Here at Global Edulink, we aim to ensure you reach your career goals. Our courses are priced extremely competitively when compared to other industry providers. With a number of our accountancy and bookkeeping courses currently available at 10% of the total cost, we are ready to arm you with a skill set to last a lifetime. We’re ready, are you?

March 16, 2022

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