Diploma in Small Business Accounting

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What Will I Learn?

Learn how small businesses can benefit by using standard practices and accounting
Ability to understand the accounting cycle and the aspect of inventory control effectively
Ability to use accounting in a small business as a simple and effective tool for the business
Learn all up-to-date information in the subject
Learn the accounting systems to use and how to record accounts successfully
Learn how to increase and forecast cash flow, how to budget in business and how to respond to sales invoices


Learning accounting for small businesses can be a very rewarding experience. Accounting is practical and can be put to good use, benefiting small businesses which are often run without any accounting knowledge or standard practices. Small business accounting (USA Standards) involves the basics of the accounting cycle plus inventory control, if needed. Accounting does not need to be complicated or difficult, it can be simple and effective for a small firm.

This Diploma course covers all of the relevant and up-to-date information that need to be included and what systems should be used to record them. This course clearly defines how to improve and forecast cash flow, how to budget in business, and outlines how to respond to purchase or sales invoices. There is also a module explaining the importance of good credit control, including how to successfully speak to and deal with late-paying customers. This course gives you a complete and accurate skill set which includes the day-to-day financial operations tasks carried out by small to medium-sized businesses.

Our online programme is so well designed that you feel as if you are in the classroom. This course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). Effective support service, and study materials (including step by step guided tutorial videos) build your confidence to study efficiently and guide you to secure your qualification.

Please Note: This Course is Based on USA Standards

Who is it for?

  • This Small Business Accounting Diploma will be of great interest to business owners and business professionals who would like to better understand the transactions and controls used in business, and to any learner who is interested in accounting as a future career.

Entry Requirement

  • This course is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds. Having basic knowledge and skills in Accounting would be an advantage for this course.
  • Learners should be ages 16 or over to undertake the qualification.
  • Basic understanding of English language, literacy, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Description
  • Course Duration
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • Career Path
This Diploma in Small Business Accounting course provides small business owners, bookkeepers and management with the information they need to create an effective and reliable accounting and bookkeeping system in their businesses.
This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the key topics listed under the curriculum. This course has been designed for 25 guided learning hours.
You will have 12 Months access to your online study platform from the date you purchased the course. The course is self-paced so you decide how fast or slow the training goes. You can complete the course in stages revisiting the training at any time.
At the end of the course learners will also take an online multiple choice question assessment test. This online multiple choice question test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.
Successful candidates will be awarded certificate for Diploma in Small Business Accounting.
This course will greatly improve your candidature for a range of job positions within the accounting or finance industry. This course is also a great means to prove your eligibility for job promotions and salary increments put forth by your organisation and to progress in your career. Few of the job positions you can qualify for with this course, along with the average UK salary per annum according to https://www.payscale.com/career-path-planner, is given below,
  • Finance Controller – £46,887 per annum
  • Accountant – £28,599 per annum
  • Finance Manger – £38,059 per annum
  • Payroll Administrator – £20,010 per annum
  • Account Clark – £17,205 per annum
  • Bookkeeper – £20,729 per annum
  • Account Assistant – £20,341 per annum
  • Office Administrator – £17,448 per annum
  • Office Manager -  £24,398 per annum
  • Accounts Payable Clerk – £19,766 per annum
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk – £20,228 per annum
  • Payroll Clerk – £18,528 per annum
  • Staff Accountant – £23,858 per annum
Common Career Paths For Account Clark

Course Curriculum

1: Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Accounting 00:33:00
2: Financial Statements
Financial Statements 00:12:00
3: Assets and Liabilities
Assets and Liabilities 00:07:00
4: Accounting Transactions
Accounting Transactions 00:09:00
5: Inventory and Cost Methods
Inventory and Cost Methods 00:10:00
6: Stakeholders and Equity
Stakeholders and Equity 00:07:00
7: Managerial Accounting
Managerial Accounting 00:09:00
8: Cost Accounting
Cost Accounting 00:06:00
9: Costs and Expenses
Costs and Expenses 00:08:00
10: Budgetary Control
Budgetary Control 00:10:00
11: Analysis and Decision Making
Analysis and Decision Making 00:08:00
12: Module Book- Accounting for Small Business
Module Book- Accounting for Small Business
13: BookKeeping Training Manual
BookKeeping Training Manual
Additional Study Materials
Additional Study Materials- Accounting for Small Business
Recommended Books
Recommended Books – Accounting & Finance
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Small Business Accounting 00:40:00
Final Exam
Exam: Diploma in Small Business Accounting 00:40:00
Certificate Download Guide
Certificate Download Guide 00:03:00

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    S S

    Steven Shaw

    March 19, 2019
    Great Course

    The course material was detailed and covered everything I needed and more! I’ve already recommended to friends and would consider Global Edulink again in the future! Great course.

    J G

    Jaymie Garrard

    January 30, 2019
    Highly Appreciated

    This online course is highly appreciated. I was able to obtain a greater sense of business accounting after I finished this course. The content was considerable and the course included all the necessary aspects to become a professional.

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