Introduction to Public Speaking

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What Will I Learn?

Overcome doubt, stage fright, and anxiety.
Speak with confidence anywhere, anytime.
Create a basic outline to organise your speech.
Put together a great office presentation.


Do you strive to become a persuasive public speaker?

Preparing and delivering effective speeches and presentations is vital in any professional environment. Stand out from the crowd and learn the art of clear and effective Public Speaking. You will learn how to speak with unshakable confidence and deliver convincing speeches. After completing this Introduction to Public Speaking course, you will significantly reduce your fear of public speaking and be able to use the best techniques to speak confidently.

This CPD course is designed to help you shine as a speaker where others falter.

This course will allow you to:

  •  Use effective techniques to identify your audience and organise your speech
  •  Overcome nervousness, fear, and confusion on stage
  • Develop and improve your speech-delivery style
  • Deliver long-hour presentations with rock-solid clarity

Why choose this Introduction to Public Speaking Course?

Following this Introduction to Public Speaking Course will be a stepping stone for a successful professional career and it will also equip you with a range of new skills,

  • To quickly master the fundamentals of public speaking
  • To understand public speaking techniques to push your career to the next level
  • Speak clearly on any topic, in front of any crowd without fear
  • To learn dynamic movement and gestures for effective public speaking
  • Learn tools for evaluating your speech
  • Learn speech apprehension and how to overcome it

Why Choose Global Edulink?

Global Edulink (GEL) is one of the UK’s top-rated online education and training providers officering thousands of vocational and professional courses to transform careers. This Introduction to Public Speaking course is delivered with engaging techniques and video lessons to help the learner become an impeccable public speaker.

Whether you are a novice, professional, or seasonal public speaker, GEL offers unique benefits,

  • Excellent ratings on Trust Pilot and other platforms
  • Certified industry-standard instructors
  • Life-changing public speaking certificate
  • Interactive training sessions
  • In-depth information on planning and delivering presentations
  • Make sense of your presentation with organising skills
  • 100% flexible learning opportunity
  • E-Certificates, Student ID Cards, TOTUM Discounts
  • 24-hour online support

GEL brings together years of experience to offer a range of courses that are designed to help you succeed. With multiple awards and accolades under our name, we have gone from strength to strength over the years.

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  • CPD Awarding Body
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Who is this qualification for?
  • Prerequisites to take this Course
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • Prospective Careers

The CPD certification was established in 1996 as a leading accreditation organisation. It provides advice, support, and accreditations according to CPD standards. Thousands of CPD certified professionals are demonstrating their skills across the globe. Regardless of the industry CPD courses and seminars are a badge of honour for professionals to develop skills and stay ahead of time.

  •   Recognised approach to learning
  •   Become an accredited public speaker
  •   Look ahead to a brilliant career
  •   Achieve Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks
  • Overcome doubt, stage fright, and anxiety
  • Speak with confidence anywhere, anytime
  • Create a basic outline to organise your speech
  • Put together a great office presentation
  • Engage your audience with effective delivery
  • Handle questions and answers effectively
  • Sound confident instead of dismissive
  • Remain calm and poised on stage
  • Stand out as a speaker in your school or institution
  • Get a promotion or raise through effective speaking
  • Business professionals and managers
  • Teachers
  • Life coaches
  • School and university students
  • News anchors
  • Religious leaders
  • Motivational speakers
  • Therapists
  • Parents
  • There are no prerequisites to follow the Introduction to Public Speaking course
  • We encourage everyone to take this life-changing course to speak like a pro and grab more victories in life
  •  The exam will be based on a module-by-module method
  • You will have to pass a mock exam that requires at least 195 marks. If you fail the mock exams, you can re-take the exam up to 3 times
  • The learning outcome assessment model is based on checking the learner’s knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis to earn a certification

Once the course and the exam are successfully completed, you will be awarded a much-demanded Introduction to Public Speaking certification.

You have made the best decision of your life to enrol in the Introduction to Public Speaking certification. The learning from this Introduction to Public Speaking Course online will help you to build a successful career in any field or industry. As a student, you can shine bright to secure good grades and deliver impressive presentations and speeches.

The qualification helps you to demonstrate your ability as a public speaking leader with self-confidence and poise. As an entertaining speaker, you will deliver great presentations and grab public attention instantly.


Key Features

Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
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Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Getting Starting
Tutor Intro FREE 00:01:00
Unit 1.1 – Getting Starting FREE 00:02:00
Unit 1.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 2 - Identifying Your Audience
Unit 2.1 – Identifying Your Audience FREE 00:08:00
Unit 2.2 – Lecture Notes
Identifying Your Audience – Module 02 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 3 - Creating a Basic Outline
Unit 3.1 – Creating a Basic Outline 00:10:00
Unit 3.2 – Lecture Notes
Creating a Basic Outline – Module 03 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 4 - Organizing the Program
Unit 4.1 – Organizing the Program 00:10:00
Unit 4.2 – Lecture Notes
Organizing the Program – Module 04 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 5 - Fleshing it Out
Unit 5.1 – Fleshing it Out 00:08:00
Unit 5.2 – Lecture Notes
Fleshing it Out – Module 05 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 6 - Putting it All Together
Unit 6.1 – Putting it All Together 00:08:00
Unit 6.2 – Lecture Notes
Putting it All Together – Module 06 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 7 - Being Prepared
Unit 7.1 – Being Prepared 00:08:00
Unit 7.2 – Lecture Notes
Being Prepared – Module 07 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 8 - Overcoming Nervousness
Unit 8.1 – Overcoming Nervousness 00:09:00
Unit 8.2 – Lecture Notes
Overcoming Nervousness – Module 08 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 9 - Delivering Your Speech (I)
Unit 9.1 – Delivering Your Speech (I) 00:08:00
Unit 9.2 – Lecture Notes
Delivering Your Speech (I) – Module 09 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 10 -Delivering Your Speech (II)
Unit 10.1 – Delivering Your Speech (II) 00:06:00
Unit 10.2 – Lecture Notes
Delivering Your Speech (II) – Module 10 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 11 - Questions and Answers
Unit 11.1 – Questions and Answers 00:07:00
Unit 11.2 – Lecture Notes
Questions and Answers – Module 11 Quiz 00:12:00
Module 12 - Wrapping Up
Unit 12.1 – Wrapping Up 00:01:00
Unit 12.2 – Lecture Notes
Wrapping Up – Module 12 Quiz 00:12:00
Course Summary
Course Summary 00:01:00
Final Exam
Final Exam : Public Speaking 00:40:00

Students feedback


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    E H

    Erin Holland

    July 15, 2021
    Good stuff

    This course grabbed my full attention till the end. The tutor was excellent.

    M R

    Mason Richardson

    May 10, 2021
    Extremely interesting

    I enjoyed every single module and learned to deliver great presentations. Thank you so much!

    S W

    Sammy Webb

    March 22, 2021
    Positive experience

    This was my first time with GEL. Overall had a very positive experience!

    G C

    Gene Cunningham

    January 17, 2021
    Made me a better communicator

    This was a wonderful learning experience that helped me communicate confidently.

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