Strength and Fitness Training

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What Will I Learn?

Strength training is a crucial component which should be part of everyone’s fitness regime
Learn the tools and knowledge required to lose weight at the same time as gaining strength and lean muscle
Understand the key functional exercises that benefit your body in an effective manner
Ability to ascertain everything needed to see a difference in fitness levels
Learn how to get the most out of your workout
Ability to learn a tailor-made programme which will suit your own specific fitness goals

Strength training holds the key to improving your health and achieving peak performance, regardless of age!

Strength training is a crucial component of even basic fitness and should be a part of everyone’s fitness regime no matter their age or fitness level. Ideally, strength training should be undertaken in parallel with cardio exercise which provides the opportunity to transform your body in a manner that’s more responsible, healthy, and effective than any fad diet or infomercial exercise machine.

With that in mind, Global Edulink, a leading online learning provider, presents a course that gives you the tools and knowledge required to lose weight at the same time as gaining strength and lean muscle. The course also comprises of functional exercises that benefit your body in a remarkable way, providing everything needed to start noticing a difference in a relatively short space of time.

Learners will receive expert tuition from a leader in the fitness world. There are three lectures designed to educate you on your body’s response to a variety of exercises (the past, present and future of strength training, how strength training benefits your body, and how it aids weight loss). Plus, three workouts to assist you in building a stronger body (functional strength, weight loss and maintenance, and partner workouts). We will provide helpful tips for getting the most out of your workout and learning how to create a tailored strength-training programme suited to your own specific goals and requirements.

This is a carefully-constructed programme that combines the science of strength training with expertly-demonstrated workouts, and provides you with medically-sound and authoritative information to significantly boost your strength and your overall health. Use this training to educate yourself and transfer that learning to others accordingly to help boost your career.

  • Who is this course aimed at?
  • Entry requirements
  • Method of assessment
  • Certification
  • Progression and career path
  • Other Benefits
  • Men and women of all ages and fitness levels
  • Those looking to enhance their skill-set in terms of their career
  • This course is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be ages 17 or over to undertake the qualification.
  • Basic understanding of English language, literacy, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.
At the end of the course learners will take an online multiple choice question assessment test. This online multiple choice question test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.
Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Strength and Fitness Training.
With this certificate in your CV, you are sure to secure a highly rewarding job position in the health and fitness industry. You can also use this course to prove your eligibility for job promotions and other job benefits suggested by the organisation. Mentioned below are some of the job roles you can secure with this course, along with its average UK salary per annum according to,
  • Aerobics instructor – £21,532 per annum
  • Fitness instructor – £15,146 per annum
  • Nutritionist – £23,457 per annum
  • High quality e-learning study materials and mock exams.
  • Tutorials/materials from the industry leading experts.
  • 24/7 Access to the Learning Portal.
  • Benefit of applying TOTUM Discount Card.
  • Recognised Accredited Qualification.
  • Excellent customer service and administrative support.

Key Features

Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
Support by Phone, Live Chat, and Email
Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card
UK Register of Learning Providers Reg No : 10053842

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Online Training User Manual
E Certificate Download Guide 00:00:00
1. Strength Training: Past, Present and Future
01 Strength Training – Past, Present and Future 00:27:00
2. The Benefits of Strength Training
02 Benefits of Strength Training to Your Body 00:30:00
3. Fat Loss and Strength Training
03 Weight& Fat Loss Strength Training 00:27:00
4. Functional Training Exercises
04 Functional Training Exercises 00:51:00
5. Fitness Workout Plan for Weight Loss and Maintenance
05 Fitness Workout Plan for Weight Loss and Maintenance 00:34:00
6. Partner Workout Plan
06 Partner Workout Plan 00:44:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Strength and Fitness Training 00:40:00
Final Exam
Exam: Strength and Fitness Training 00:40:00

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    T T

    Troy Theodosiou

    July 18, 2020
    Great Course

    Great course with solid content!

    F B

    Frank Burden

    July 08, 2020

    Easy to follow, learn and up skill oneself

    D N

    Darren Newsham

    May 10, 2020
    Strength and Fitnes

    Really good and in depth, really enjoyed the warm up, wotkouts and warm down

    L F

    Lee Fowler

    April 29, 2020


    M A

    Mian Awais Ahmed

    February 13, 2020
    Very informative course

    I’m glad to complete this fruitful course. I will visit you in the future for further certifications.

    K A

    Kent Alexendra

    April 10, 2019
    Great Course

    One great course for strength and fitness enthusiastic like me! Everything from diets to exercise were systematically included in this course. After this course, I have started to trust online learning more and I will definitely enroll in more courses from this site.

    G C

    Greyson Charles

    November 13, 2017
    very informative course.

    The information is solid and presented in a simple and clear way.

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