What can you do in just one year before starting an MBA programme?

Are you excited to start a new chapter in your life? Are you surrounded by intriguing people and innovative ideas? Are you also intimidated by the size of the challenge you’ve taken on? Or will dealing with annoying matters you failed to consider detract from your joy? Whatever it may be, do you have only one year before starting an MBA programme? This article will give you a list of things that will help you make use of the time!

1. Catch up on your basics

Majority of you might not have a management background like BMS or BBA students. Thus, it would be a good idea to review the MBA’s core benefits. Proactively attempt to understand some fundamental terminologies and ideas. Topics like marketing, finance, economics, etc. are useful. You may use the four Ps of marketing, a SWOT analysis, a balance sheet format, and other ideas as examples.

You don’t need to go too in-depth, but make sure you get the subject’s main idea. There are many free online PDFs and e-books to choose from. Some include books on finance and accounting fundamentals, marketing 101, and more. These can be learnt under a diploma in strategic management and leadership – level 7. You will benefit greatly from having a firm grasp of the fundamentals. You will have a better understanding of what to expect from your MBA course. Moreover, won’t have a confusion when the actual sessions begin.

2. Master yourself in Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint

Throughout your MBA experience, Excel will be your best buddy. If you’ve used Excel before, that’s fantastic! But if you’re not comfortable with it, you might want to start brushing up on your knowledge. Excel comes in handy for almost all of your MBA assignments. You might already know through a diploma in strategic management and leadership-level 7. It’s a pre-MBA programme. It is available to brush your pre-requisites for a successful MBA journey. So, strive to master more than just the fundamentals to maximise your time when working on them.

On the internet, there are many free online videos to choose from. You may thus quickly access these videos. Or even get an advanced Excel certification which will give your CV more credibility.

On the other hand, your MBA experience will centre on presentations. There’ll be expectations on you to deliver presentations often. Especially during each trimester and semester. B-schools give a lot of weight to your presenting abilities. 

So, if you want to do well in the exam, you should practise creating PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint is a potent visual tool that has the ability to make or ruin a presentation. You will need to deliver presentations often after you join the business world. Mostly to share your concepts and tactics. So, make sure you master PowerPoint now. Create captivating presentations that capture and hold the interest of your audience.

3. Start reading Economic Times and business-related books

Research methods are basics in diploma in strategic management and leadership-level 7. It is when you start your MBA and come to this part of the syllabus that you’ll wish you had read more before. The habit of reading The Economic Times will keep you updated on current affairs. Most importantly in business and economy. Business-related books will open your mind to new perspectives. Which again is a great kick-start to your journey of MBA studies. 

Start reading business-related good novels and memoirs. You may also face these very common questions during placements. They are about which books you have read during your MBA. Be sure to read several excellent, well-known works that you can discuss in any setting. Read books like Freakonomics and Connect the Dots. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a great read too.

4. Learn the basics of report making

You will encounter this talent again throughout your life. Whether it be in a daily report or a project report—it is frequently disregarded. I’m sure you are familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft Word. Take the time to study report structures. 

Learning the basics is also learning report making. What makes this extra essential in this one year of preparations is its significance. A diploma in strategic management and leadership-level 7 teaches more on this. Yet, it is a skill requirement you’ll encounter throughout your life. 

Quick tip, you may even need it after you enter the workforce, so hone your reporting abilities!

4. Do a pre-MBA Pearson BTEC level 8 diploma in strategic management and leadership course

Complete a pre-MBA Pearson BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. You may graduate from most institutions with an MBA in 6 to 12 months (RQF). You have the option to enroll in the MBA top-up programme through this course. Which may finish at most UK and international universities in 6 to 12 months.

This course is suitable for anyone. Including senior managers in charge of converting organisational strategy into efficient performance. It enables managers to comprehend and concentrate on the demands. Basically of implementing an organisation’s plan. Candidates can deepen their understanding of strategic management and leadership. Significantly at the workplace. It’s done by earning a qualification. A qualification that reflects current best practices in these fields.

“Success”, according to the famous adage, “occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. So, the way you start will affect the level of success you achieve in your venture. Giving all of your time and effort to make the most of these two years is important. An MBA is unquestionably a costly investment. Start prioritising your chores and developing your multitasking skills at the same time. These two items will save you during your MBA.

Finally, before you go on your adventure, spend some time with your friends and family. You might not have another moment like this for the next two years!

January 18, 2023

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