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10 Things You Should Think Before Adopting A Dog

Adopting a dog is a big commitment that you should never take lightly.

It is sad to see how people take in dogs and then put them up for adoption once more when they realise that they are unable to care for it. While it may be easy for you to move on, that’s just never the case for these gentle furry friends who form a bond with you much faster than you think. After that any kind of separation from their human causes them a lot of grief and anxiety and some of them even go into deep depression. The chart is a RSPCA representation of the number of dogs abandoned from 2016 – 2017 alone.

dog abundonment

Simply put, you really need to be in this for the long run if you are going to adopt pets. So here are 10 things that you should think about before you adopt a dog.

Why do you want to adopt?

It’s quite simple. If you always wanted a dog then go for it and adopt one but if you are doing so just because it feels ‘cool’ or because you feel pressured to adopt one, don’t do it. Why? Because dogs are really sensitive animals and any kind of neglect will take a big toll on them. They need love, care and compassion. Here’s a fun and informative video that will help you be better prepared for your puppy adoption.

Will you have the time to give your dog?

Dogs are a lot more dependent on you in general, than cats are. Therefore if you plan on getting your puppy, leaving some food and water and leaving them alone, you are going to be in for behavioural issues, depression and anxiety in your dog. In fact, these issues are so common that you should consider educating yourself with the help of animal care courses or detailed self-research. If you adopt a dog, you will need to engage with them especially if you have a high energy breed.

How stable are you financially?

Dogs do not come without expenses either. Your financial stability is one of the topmost requirements that need to be fulfilled to adopt a dog. When you add up food, grooming and vet visits alone you will begin to see how much your monthly expenses increase as compared to before. You should never have the need to compromise on vet visits and the right nutrition for your dog because of finances and if you and your partner are going to be splitting expenses, you need to make sure that this is a commitment that you both shall honour.

Will you be adopting alone?

If you are adopting alone be ready to handle the cleaning and other responsibilities that come along. If another person is involved that they are ready for this too and that you both will not be fighting over who does what. This will eventually lead to frustration and you may feel like you no longer want your dog. Always plan out the process and make sure that both of you are willing to take it on.

What breed should you choose?

The breed that you choose should depend on factors like;

  • Purpose – do you want security or just companionship?
  • Energy – how much energy can you handle? High energy breeds will sometimes need over 1 hour of exercise a day.
  • Maintenance – some breeds are naturally high maintenance, can you spend for this?
  • Size – do you have enough space for a large breed or would a small breed be best?
  • Gender – do you want a male or female dog?
  • Other pets – if you already have other pets, you would want to choose a breed that will be friendly and adjust well with them.

Is your home pet friendly?

If you are renting out, make sure that your landlord or landlady is fine with your bringing a pet home. Do not start the adoption process and then ask them. Start with getting their approval so you avoid the stress for both you and the pet later.

Do you have children?

If so you should think about two things;

Can you handle your kids and your dog at the same time? Will it prove too much for you?
Are you adopting to teach your children responsibility? If so, please don’t. Dogs aren’t an experiment and even adults have a hard time looking after them.

dog friendship

Can you give your dog training?

Training is really important for a happy dog and a happy owner too. An untrained dog will wreak havoc in your home and get your frustrated. You should think about getting a professional trainer but here are some great ways in which you can train your dog at home as well.

What if you are travelling or working late?

Is there somebody to look after your dog while you are away? Can you afford a dog-sitter or boarding service and is there one that is reliable enough? You should never consider thinking about leaving them unattended to for extended periods of time. You will come home to destroyed couches and possibly a very upset dog.

How active are you?

Your level of energy should be compatible with that of the dog. Because dogs are energetic anyway you may not want to adopt one if your hobby is sleeping. Here are some of the most high energy dog breeds around so if you want to adopt one of them, make sure you are as active as they are!

How can you understand you dog better?

Your level of understanding of your dog has to be spot on. Their body language and barks or whimpers indicate a lot. If you really love your dog and want to have that special bond with them consider taking a pet care diploma or animal care courses from home in your leisure time so that you get to know the insider information on how to look after your furry friend.

Wondering where you can find online animal care courses?

Global Edulink offers a range of animal care courses that can help you look after your pet better. Even if you are aspiring veterinarian, our programs are recognised and come with certifications that will give you an advantage in your career. These programs will help you understand your dog’s psychology and behaviour better and even train you in areas like physical therapy, adoption, care, veterinary support and first aid practices. 

Some of our options include;

Advanced Diploma in Animal Psychology – Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Animal Physical Therapy – Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Dog Grooming – Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Dog Behaviour and Training – Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Animal Care and Business – Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Animal Care – Level 3

Do you think our blog helped you and your furry friend out? Leave us a comment and let us know. For more information contact us on [email protected]

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