Hotel career trends to watch in 2022 – Grab the perfect opportunity for you before it is gone

The year 2022 is predicted to be better for everyone, especially for those who deal in the hospitality and tourism sector globally. COVID-19 pandemic created massive negativities in this industry for over 2 years, but now, as things show an improvement, hotel professionals also have begun to have positive hopes about the future of the industry.

Be it the administration staff, the ones responsible for guest services, or the support staff, they all belong to the category of hotel professionals. This is an industry full of potential and each day, new opportunities get created here with good earning scales.

Are you someone interested to take on your carrier in the hotel and hospitality industry? Read this article – you are sure to grab more insights as to what opportunities await you.

Careers in the global hotel sector

The hotel industry is ever-evolving, thanks to the digital technologies that get invented quite regularly and new service marketing concepts related to the industry such as experiential tourism. Industry leaders such as Marriott International, Hilton, Wyndham, and Choice Hotels are setting up trends and benchmarks for others to follow, and this creates many new job opportunities as well.

However, there is a clear shortage of hospitality workers in the UK, and in the world too. Even the big players in the industry find it hard to fill their staff recruitment gaps. In order to recruit a skilled, qualified workforce, hotel chains have even lifted the salary scales, and they provide extensive on-the-job training facilities to the newly recruited staff as a policy. Some of these hotels have even requested their ex-employees to come back to work providing great salaries together with other perks such as free holidays and flexible working schedules. 

So, doesn’t this mean you have a crystal-clear opportunity to succeed as a hotel professional? All you need to do is to pick the hotel job you prefer and make yourself qualified.

Hotel Managers

As you must be already aware, there are many managerial levels in the hotel industry. Hotels normally have managers appointed to specific departments- be it operations or restaurant and bar. Qualified hotel managers are hard to find in today’s society.

Educate yourself about the industry happenings, try out new adventures such as mastering Opera PMS Hotel Software, and find out about what others are doing to offer a unique hotel experience. This way, succeeding in your pathway as a hotel manager will not be that hard. 

Chefs and cooks

Needless to say, this is the job role that’s most demanded in the hotel industry. Although many people look down upon the role of a chef in a hotel, little do they know that it’s the chef who plans out the range of meals, lists the ingredients and quantities of each dish, experiments with new recipes, and organises the members of the kitchen staff.

If you wish to take up this role, equip yourself with a food hygiene certificate. Having a degree or postgraduate qualification is also preferred, but that’s not mandatory.


Being a receptionist at a corporate office and performing the job as a hotel receptionist are two completely different exposures. A hotel receptionist not just answers telephone calls, but handles inquiries, offers suggestive responses, engages in negotiations, and solves day-to-day issues.

Enrolling yourself in the Opera PMS Hotel Software Training Course will indeed be a great option for you if you aspire to become a successful hotel receptionist. Since there are Online Opera PMS Hotel Booking Software Training Course providers nowadays, you can simply do distant learning without any issue. Once you are qualified and experienced, you may say yes to the role of a Front Desk Supervisor, and if your luck permits, you can even become a manager. 

Other job opportunities

Other job opportunities in the hotel and hospitality sector are as follows. Some of these jobs can be new to you, but if you do your research, you will understand that these are global employment trends that were not even in existence 5 years ago.

  • Hotel revenue managers 
  • Housekeeping staff (lead housekeeper, maid, housekeeping supervisor) 
  • Guest experience managers 
  • Event management staff (meeting planner, wedding coordinator) 
  • Concierge (casino host, hotel clerk, gaming dealer) 
  • Porters (baggage porter, parking lot attendant, valet) 
  • Waiters (Barista, banquet server) 

The COVID-19 pandemic opened the eyes of those who were thoroughly engaged in the hotel and hospitality sector to a large extent. Hotels that never wanted to change their processes and mechanisms decided to adopt the new normal moves which then became the industry trends. A lot of job opportunities also came into existence because of these trends. Some of them have been discussed below. 

More focus on ‘sustainability’ 

Hoteliers now believe that it’s not just about the profits, but about the planet and people as well. Customers, today, are aware of novel concepts such as ‘carbon footprint’ and they always go for the service providers who minimise the negative environmental impacts.

Eco-tourism is a result of this trend, and it has created many new job opportunities already. On the other hand, hotels, today, strive to be good corporate citizens and this has created a path for internal auditors and lawyers to shine in the hotel industry. 

Digital technologies continue to rule the space 

While you follow the Diploma in Hotel Management and Opera PMS Software, you will also learn a lot about the industry. Today, the hotel industry can do nothing without the latest digital technologies, and these technologies bridge hotel management with the guests. 

During the pandemic, contactless check-in systems were introduced to many hotels, and many apps were developed to facilitate guest convenience. For any hotel, be it large or small, social media plays an extremely important role, and this has created many job opportunities once again. Hotels now move towards content-driven marketing strategies, and this is a great chance for the creative personalities out there.

The hotel industry has great opportunities for content creators, data analysts, mobile app developers, and social media marketing specialists. All you need to do is to learn these skills and shine in your style.

Expansion into the health and wellness aspects 

Did you know that wellness has now become the fastest-growing tourism concept? Studies show that this trend began with the outburst of the pandemic. Yoga, spa treatments, ayurvedic care, and Zumba have now become integral segments during hotel stays, and these have created a wide range of new job opportunities as well.  

June 27, 2022

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