How to build a makeup artist portfolio – It’s the visual resume of a makeup artist!

Makeup artistry is an interesting subject area that should be followed with passion and love. It has been in existence since the time of Cleopatra, and by today, this exquisite art has undergone several revolutions. In the industry, you find different types of professionals namely, the fashion, bridal, cinematic, and theatre makeup artists, and some of them specifically work with beauty brands internationally.

It’s an industry with great opportunities for both men and women, and this is the same reason why many youngsters now choose makeup artistry as a profession. But, the problem that many of those exploring careers in cosmetology in the UK face is ‘where to start?’

If you too want to know an important tip to follow when you start as a makeup artist, read this article. You are sure to gain a lot of insights and they are proven to be true as per the experienced industry professionals.

Taking your first step – the makeup artist portfolio!

The first step of any mission will always be making yourself equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience. So, if you want to become successful as a makeup artist, you should first follow an advanced diploma in cosmetology. Many institutes are offering these courses in the UK, and all you need to do is to find a good one. Do not consider the diploma in cosmetology fees as a pointless expense because, in reality, it’s an investment you do for your future.

Then… it’s all about getting ready to showcase your talents and uniqueness in the industry. First, you need to have a makeup artist portfolio for you.

It’s a special collection of images showcasing the most unique and admired work of a makeup artist. When going for a job interview or even when presenting your styling sense to an investor, this will be one of the main tools of evaluation.

Here are some facts you should keep in mind when preparing your portfolio:

1. Make the best use of digital platforms

We now live in a digital age. Therefore, no matter what we do, we should make maximum use of the available digital sources if we are to face the competition successfully. Having your portfolio printed is fine, but always choose to go digital as well.

Be it a website or a social media account, make sure that you give it a pleasant look and keep it updated with your latest work. If you think of developing a portfolio website, there are several website builders out there to assist you with great layouts. Facebook and Instagram are two great social media platforms to publish your work, and if you plan to have video content (tutorials, etc) Youtube is an ideal platform for you. Tik Tok? Why not? It’s now more popular than every other platform.

2. Choose your content wisely

Yes, your makeup artist portfolio should showcase all your talents and experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should include every project you have done so far. So, just include the best pieces that best demonstrate your style on your makeup artist portfolio. Make sure you use the strongest photo in your collection as the first photo on your portfolio. The last photo on your portfolio should also be good, so make sure the second strongest goes there.

As in most cases, it’s the quality that matters, not really the quantity (10-15 photos on your portfolio will be more than enough, so don’t make it longer by adding more photos unnecessarily).

3. Use quality photos

When selecting photos for your portfolio, you should really be smart. If you have done projects with leading brands or have worked with celebrities, make sure your portfolio contains these photos. No matter what you decide to put, make sure each photo is of high quality. Photos with ample lighting are preferred here.

Planning to use filters on your photos? Well, it’s not so recommended by the experts, because an edited photo rarely highlights the talent of the makeup artist.

4. Demonstrate transformation

Have you seen that makeup artist portfolios often have before and after pictures? Well, this is a trend that you should also follow. This lets the viewer see how the quality transformation has happened from the initial look.

5. Showcase all your skills

If you are someone who has done the Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology, you probably have mastered hair styling techniques as well. So, why not showcase this talent in your portfolio?

When someone who wants to hire you goes through your portfolio, such additional skills and competencies are demonstrated to become a plus point for sure. Don’t hesitate to give details about your academic history, corporate exposure, and research that you have done on your portfolio’s ‘About’ page.

The next steps – continuously improving as a makeup artist

-Makeup industry is getting competitive day by day. So, every makeup artist (be it a beginner or a professional) should stay updated with the global trends and opportunities.

-Also, don’t forget to start networking, because that’s how you get more contacts. You may try out the following ways to enhance your network:

  • Follow the leading makeup artists in the industry on social media. (See what they do in their new projects and see how their followers react to these new projects)
  • Maintain active social media platforms (if you are doing a makeup project, you may add Facebook and Instagram stories on and off, so that you keep your followers updated)
  • Link all your social media accounts to your makeup artist portfolio so that visitors can directly approach them
  • Take part in diverse shoots, workshops, exhibitions, and other events. (Talk to photographers, stylists and fashion designers, and don’t forget to share your portfolio with them)

-Once you have a successful portfolio, you can then start a blog (or even a vlog). Gain more followers and go up in the search engine rankings. This strategy can also help you earn money in the long run.

-It’s also a great idea to get yourself exposed to photography and editing skills. You will need these skills in the future when updating your makeup artist portfolio.

July 5, 2022

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