Certificate in Essential Training in Children’s Nutrition and Behaviour

Access Duration - 365 Days
Awarded By  Accredited By "CPD & iAP"
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Children are the next generation. They will grow up to be the leaders, the inventors and the creators, so make sure you’re giving them the best possible start in life. Today, we have the benefit of knowledge, and we know that nutrition and emotional support are extremely important.

To help you understand your children, or the children in your care, it is helpful to have some insight into their behaviour, emotions and development. This will help you to guide them, and allow you to teach them the best way to behave. As well as this, the course includes a section dedicated to nutrition. Diet is vital to behaviour and development and it is becoming increasingly common for people to require assistance in making the right choices. If you begin eating healthily early on in life you’re much more likely to continue this and will be less likely to develop health problems.

Learning with Global Edulink has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you, and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand.

This Certificate in Essential Training in Children’s Nutrition and Behaviour (USA Standards) course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). An effective support service and study materials will build your confidence to secure your qualification.

Please Note: This Course is Based on USA Standards.

  • Who is this course aimed at?
  • Course Description
  • Entry requirements
  • Method of assessment
  • Certification
  • Progression and career path
  • This course is perfect for anyone who is responsible for children, whether you’re a parent, carer, nursery nurse or teacher
  • This course would also be useful for nutritionists who would like to focus on children.
This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the topics listed under the curriculum.
Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a good grasp of the English language, literacy, numeracy and ICT.
At the end of the course learners will take an online multiple choice questions assessment test. This online multiple choice questions test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.
Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Essential Training in Children’s Nutrition and Behaviour.
This course would benefit the following:
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Nanny
  • Childminder
  • Babysitter
  • Teacher
  • Child Nutritionist

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Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
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Course Curriculum

1. Children and Emotional Intelligence
01 Children and Emotional Intelligence? 00:31:00
2. Dealing With Anxiety – the Only Way Out is Through
02 Dealing with Anxiety – The Only Way Out Is Through 00:31:00
3. Anger Management and Self-Esteem for Children
03 Anger Management 00:30:00
04 How to build Authentic Self-Esteem? 00:32:00
4. The Roots of Empathy
05 The Roots of Empathy 00:31:00
5. Positive Relationships and Emotions
06 What makes children really happy? 00:32:00
07 How Children Make Friends? 00:29:00
6. Children at Play
08 Children at Play 00:27:00
7. Guiding Children Through Friendships
09 Guiding Children through Friendships 00:27:00
8. Definitions of Belonging, Status, Popularity and Rejection
10 Definitions of Belonging, Status, Popularity and Rejection 00:29:00
11 The Difference Between Teasing and Bullying 00:27:00
9. Socially Growing Up in the Digital Age
12 Socially growing up in the Digital Age 00:30:00
10. Introduction To Nutrition
Introduction to Nutrition 00:45:00
11. Healthy Diet Planning Tips
Healthy Diet Planning Tips – Part One 00:44:00
Healthy Diet Planning Tips – Part Two 00:33:00
12. The Role of Carbohydrates in Nutrition
Carbohydrates in Nutrition 00:43:00
Understanding the Role of Lipids in Nutrition 00:48:00
13. The Role of Protein and Water in Nutrition
Identifying Protein’s Role in Nutrition 00:48:00
An Important Role of Water in Nutrition 00:21:00
14. Minerals in Human Nutrition
Minerals in Human Nutrition 00:32:00
15. Explaining Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency & Toxicity
Explaining Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency & Toxicity – Part 1 00:39:00
Explaining Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency & Toxicity – Part 2 00:41:00
16. How Vitamins Support Nutrition?
A Study of Vitamins in Nutrition Part 1 00:42:00
A Study of Vitamins in Nutrition Part 2 00:39:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Certificate in Essential Training in Children’s Nutrition and Behaviour 00:40:00
Final Exam
Exam : Certificate in Essential Training in Children’s Nutrition and Behaviour 00:40:00
Certificate Download Guide
Certificate Download Guide 00:03:00

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    H R

    Harper Roberts

    April 18, 2019
    Highly Recommended

    As a child-minder, I wanted to enhance my knowledge in children’s behaviour and nutrition. I’m happy to have found this excellent training which helped me gain the appropriate skills in this subject. I recommend this course to others employed in similar roles.

    E M

    Elvis Miles

    March 01, 2018

    I am a currently a stay-at-home mom, with two small children and a household to run and I really appreciated the flexibility to study when it fitted MY schedule. I enjoyed doing something that I have never done, on a topic I knew nothing of !! Well done, what a great course.

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