How to become a qualified hotelier– Be an inspiring leader in the hospitality industry

In any country, the hospitality and tourism sector plays an important role when it comes to the GDP contribution. It creates thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities and the hotel segment is one main sub-category of this massive industry. Unlike yesteryears, many youngsters now start their careers in the hotel sector and with experience and knowledge, they manage to excel in their chosen paths. 

If you are also someone who aspires to excel in the hotel management field, you should definitely read this article attentively. The dream of becoming a leading hotelier is an achievable one, and you just need an unwavering passion and proper guidance. 

A hotelier 

In simple terms, a hotelier is the main person who runs a hotel. This can either be the owner of the hotel or the person who has the due responsibility of handling the overall operations of a hotel. Besides the physical commitments, a hotelier has to do a lot of mental commitments as he/she is the main person who decides on the strategies and enacts them as appropriate. This is the same reason why they say a hotelier has a lot of mind games to play. 

A hotelier generally has to perform the following duties:

  • Handling day-to-day operations of the hotel
  • Monitoring the performance of the hotel staff
  • Reviewing the hotel facilities and being responsible for regular improvements
  • Being responsible for budgets and other financial aspects (managing budgets and setting financial plans) 
  • Arranging training and development sessions for the hotel staff 
  • Developing and maintaining agreements with suppliers and other stakeholders 
  • Dealing with customer complaints 
  • Setting revenue and growth targets for the hotel 
  • Promoting the hotel and evaluating the guest satisfaction periodically 

Begin your journey with one small step

Becoming a successful hotelier cannot be achieved within a matter of a few months. This needs endless dedication and commitment. Many successful hoteliers who now run world-class hotels have started with small steps, and gone up the ladder of success step by step, collecting knowledge, skills, and experience gradually. 

If you are a university graduate or even a school leaver who has a passion to be a hotelier and who doesn’t fear challenges can take the first step by doing the Opera PMS hotel booking software training at a reputed institute. You may now think why should someone who wants to be a hotelier, do a course reserved for hotel receptionists. To run a hotel and its operations, the hotelier should know inside out of the hotel processes, and the answer is as simple as that. 

Having obtained the Certificate in Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Training, you may also try learning some other languages in addition to your mother tongue. Besides, possessing a considerable understanding of cookery as well is going to be important when you are in charge of the total hotel operations.

Equip yourself with a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree, as a hotelier who has academic qualifications together with industry experience is hard to beat. Since you now have access to many degree programmes, you may choose your specialisation as per your wish – be it a management degree, tourism degree, or a language degree. Every degree makes sense in the hotel industry.

Cultivate the key attributes of a hotelier within you

A hotelier becomes qualified not only with academic and professional certificates and memberships but also with some key attributes and skills.

The hotelier should be a people person

Do you know what exactly is meant by this? Anyone can smile and have a small talk when they meet someone new, but only a few people in this world have that special talent to associate with strangers with no hesitation. These people are called people persons, and it’s a key attribute of a good hotelier.

Sub-features such as empathy, communicational skills, social intelligence, and politeness help a hotelier to become a people person. If a hotelier has these attributes, he/she will surely make the hotel guests’ stay nicer and more memorable. 

The hotelier should have a good team

Managing a hotel can not be done without the support of others. Therefore, the hotelier should be able to cope well with his/her team and reach the ultimate objectives together as a team. 

The hotelier should also be passionate about making his/her team qualified. For example, hoteliers should encourage the front desk staff to do the Opera PMS Training Course online, because then only the hotelier can ensure greater customer service. Don’t wonder why should you choose Opera PMS Training for your staff spending a considerable amount of money? The results of this investment are going to lift the hotel and its operations to the next level.

The hotelier should know everything 

As mentioned before, it’s always better if the hotelier knows inside out of all the operations and processes going on in the hotel.

There are instances where the hotelier personally needs to get involved in problem-solving, so the more you know about everything in the hotel, the better it would be.

The hotelier should follow an open-door policy

Good hoteliers not only welcome and embrace positive comments, but also the negative ones -criticisms, and complaints – and use all of them for the betterment of the hotel.

Members of the hotel staff, and even the guests should feel comfortable talking to the hotelier and presenting their ideas. When the hotelier is easily approachable, many new ideas flow in and a friendly environment gets created.

The hotelier should take quick decisions

Hoteliers, especially in this turbulent business environment, should be decisive. Taking quick actions is a key attribute of a successful hotelier.

For example, a hotel generally deals with a lot of suppliers, and when managing them, quick and smart decisions have to be made by the hotelier. He/she also has to take important decisions when the industry faces a crisis, be it short-term or long.

In addition, a hotelier should also be smart with numbers, because then only he/she can have control over the hotel’s financial activities. Great verbal and written competencies also matter, and needless to say, great communicational skills can take them a long way.

So, you see… all these are qualifications that a good hotelier should possess. Qualified hoteliers are hard to find in this industry, and they are hard to replace. 

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