The Beauty Geek’s Guide To Choose Beauty Therapy Courses Online

A lot of times, people assume that the beauty industry is a field predominantly for females. While it is undeniable that most of the people working in this sector are women, the male beauty industry has seen considerable bloom as well.

It’s not just for women!

In fact, cosmetic launches that especially target men have increased by as whopping 70% between 2007 & 2012 only (source: Grazia). So it’s safe to say, this blog is appropriate for all people looking for a viable career option.  

Did you know that the beauty industry of the UK is predicted to grow by 21.1% between 2017 and 2022?

That is a huge percentage considering it would grow within just 5 years! Now that indeed is a huge reason for all beauty fanatics to pursue their dream career.

Brexit isn’t all that bad either!

Everyone is familiar with the consequences that Brexit has brought forth, but what some of you may not know is that UK’s beauty industry has been booming ever since! One online beauty service, Treatwell saw a 40% rise just three days following Brexit (The Telegraph). Interesting isn’t it?

And that is not it. We can go on giving you a thousand more explanations why you should choose the beauty industry. What is more crucial is answering all the what, where, when and how questions you may be having trouble answering.

Don’t worry.

This is your guide to become the beautician that you’ve always wanted to be.

Find Your Reasons To Choose Beauty

One initial and very important step before you enter the beauty industry is to know why you’re doing so. It is very important to identify your temperament, passion, confidence and enthusiasm should you wish to enter a very dynamic and competitive industry.

Do you desire an opportunity to pursue your passion?

This should go without mentioning. If you’re a fan of fashion, makeup, skincare, hairstyling or anything related to beauty, it isn’t a career that would risk you anything.

According to a survey conducted by a global recruiting firm, 24 Seven, on the beauty employment market of the UK, 91% of the respondents reported that they are sure about their attractiveness as a job candidate, while 77% were certain that they could easily find another job if required (source: CEW, UK). These numbers show that beauty is a more lucrative career than many others, especially in the near future.

Do you want to make good money?

With the beauty industry blooming, there are bound to be more jobs budding in the industry. From being a beauty consultant for a top-notch cosmetic brand to being a trained makeup artist for brides, you could end up in any job of your liking and earn good money from it.

On average, the yearly wage of a beautician in the UK is around £22,260. This is just an estimate. Depending on your area of specialisation and years of experience, you just as well could go higher. While salaries for working in salons and beauty clinics are one thing, making a career in beauty may also mean you work for top cosmetic, skin and hair care brands.

Numbers can vary.

The beauty industry can be tricky when it comes to salaries though, because they may vary according to geographical locations, area of expertise, bonus, commissions etc. For instance, salaries would be comparatively higher at tourist-rich locations such as Oxford Street, while commissions can go higher in areas where sales are comparatively lower.

According to Indeed, the leading job hunt organisation of the UK, the average hourly wage being offered to beauticians is £8.70. Below is a list of companies with their average salaries according to Glassdoor to give you a glimpse of salaries being offered by top beauty brands.

salary profile offered to a beautician in uk

Moreover, if you plan on being self-employed, things might be even better for you, and we’ll explain why.

Do you wish to start your own business?

You must have heard a lot of beauty blogger success stories. The average number of views on beauty-related content on Youtube has increased tremendously over the past decade. If you choose to be a vlogger, you could end up being a social media star!

anuual beauty content views on youtube
                                                                                          Source: Statista

Here are some perks you can enjoy being a self-employed beautician:

  • You are able to create a reputation for yourself instead of your employer, which would bring you a brighter fortune.
  • You can work part-time for an employer while you are working on building your independent beauty services. Building connections can be very helpful for your own business.
  • You can start your own channel on platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to attract more audiences.
  • You can earn some extra quid by holding your own makeup, skincare or hairstyling classes if you are a certified beautician.

Are you looking for inspiration?

You’ll find plenty, especially in this time and age! Consider Huda Kattan who started her own beauty blog on wordpress while she was a makeup artist at Revlon, Dubai. Today, she owns her own makeup brand and is ranked number 1 in top 10 Influencers Instagram Rich List 2017.

With over 140 beauty products, makeup services and masterclasses, Huda Beauty gathers at least $200 million annual revenue. Know more about how Huda Kattan built a billion dollar cosmetic brand here.

Decide What Field You Want To Enter

The next step is to choose from the diverse professional opportunities open to you. With the innovation and growth that the beauty industry is witnessing from the past few years, there are no signs of it slowing down so far. This means that career prospects for beauticians are fairly bright.

Look for Your Best Options

You may want to see all your best options before you decide what field to enter. The beauty industry is quite diverse. Consider looking for the most suitable career options. Here’s a list that might help point out your best match.

  • Makeup artist
  • Hair stylist
  • Skincare consultant
  • Beauty consultant
  • Nail artistry
  • Beauty services provider – manicures, pedicures, facials
  • Cosmetologist
  • Health and diet consultant
  • Entrepreneur (blogger, vlogger, influencer)

The funny thing, however, is that you never know where your hard work and dedication may take you. A lot of beauty enthusiasts also choose to work part time on theatre sets, assistants to top celebrity artists, etc. while they look for a permanent job or a step-up in their careers. Jen Atkin, now the founder of Ouai Hair care started as a receptionist at a saloon when she first came to Beverly Hills.  Read motivating stories of beauty enthusiasts who ended up founding their own brands here.

jen atkin
                                                              Jen Atkin

Good to know.

You might be interested in knowing how technology is influencing the beauty world apart from just the blogging trends. A lot of brands have introduced their own apps and even augmented reality to make customers experience products virtually! Olay Skin Advisor, for instance, analyses selfies to tell the age of your skin ad recommends products accordingly to defy signs of aging.

Read on at

All these advances are surely good news for both, the users and employees of the beauty industry.

Watch Out for Beautician Certificate Courses Online

There are certain ways you can make your chances to be successful in the beauty industry more probable than your competitors. Some choose to take full-time makeup artistry and beauty studies at university while others opt for weekly, even monthly workshops by beauty experts to gain skills and certifications for a career. What if we told you there is a simpler, cheaper way?

In this time and age when companies deliver customer experiences online, it is no surprise to learn beauty artistry via the Internet. But it is important that you choose the hair and beauty courses online, which will not only enable you to learn but also come with certifications that testify your learning. Here’s a list that we recommend. All courses are created and delivered to learners by professionals of the field at reasonable prices.

Beauty Therapy Certification Courses Professional Skin Specialist Complete Course Bundle Diploma in Personal Beauty Expert Diploma in Skin Care Treatments – Level 3 Diploma in Hair Styling – Level 3 Diploma in Daily Make Up – Level 3

Global Edulink is a leading online training academy based in London, UK. It is known for the best online beauty courses that come with accredited certifications recognised by top institutions, which are accepted all over the world. Kick-start your career in beauty by choosing from a vast range of specialisations that the sector has to offer!

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