What’s the current job market for IT professionals like?

There are tens of thousands of highly paid and unfilled IT jobs available across the nation, making the information technology employment market as robust as it has ever been. 

 Additionally, the entrance hurdles to the information technology area are lower than most people realise. Even for well-established professionals in other industries, the sector is a popular choice for training, certification and eventually a job.

 If you are not an IT professional, even if it could seem difficult, changing to a profession in IT is certainly within your grasp. In fact, there’s a strong possibility that you may use your ITIL® 4 foundation certification and a lot of the soft skills you currently possess to advance your IT career.

 Keep reading to know all about the current job market and how you can gain an ITIL® Certification online! 

Current job market for IT professionals

According to data from the international employment portal, the demand for IT engineers in the UK has increased more quickly than that for any other profile in recent years. The average wage and rising demand for five of the most popular job descriptions are listed below. International or local students can obtain a higher position at any of the following profiles with ITIL® Certification and Training in the UK online.

1.    Network/cloud architect 

An organisation’s network and cloud projects and applications are planned, designed, deployed, managed, and upgraded by a network/cloud architect.

 In addition to their expertise in networking, programming, and security, network/cloud architects frequently have a deep grasp of several different operating systems. Businesses often search for someone with solid expertise in cloud services like Amazon Web Services as well as ITSM, networking, I&O, governance, automation, and vendor management. Here’s when you also might need to consider how useful is an ITIL certification for the time! 

Median annual salary:  GBP100,874/yr

2.    Systems analyst 

Systems analysts evaluate how effectively software, hardware, and the overall IT system match their employer’s or a client’s business demands. 

 They design the specifications for new systems, maybe aid in their implementation, and assess how well they work. They are also in charge of user education and evaluation. Since the majority of the work is done on the premises of clients, travel is a big aspect of the job.

Median annual salary: GBP40,527/yr

3.    AI game programmer

Artificial intelligence (AI) One may say that programmers give a game its brain. They develop algorithms that base character and element behaviour on how each player interacts with the game. This is accomplished by adjusting how the gaming responds to the player’s activities. The gameplay method incorporates several different elements, including camera control, group movement, and pathfinding.

In this extremely specialised discipline, programmers create artificial nerve systems for the game by designing neural networks and decision trees. Since AI programming has a profound effect on gameplay that players might not be aware of, it is at the forefront of game creation. This results in a dynamic and intuitive experience.

Median annual salary: GBP42,744/yr

4.    Blockchain developer

Blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform how the digital world manages data and conducts commerce. Blockchain was first developed as a platform for Bitcoin, but it is now exhibiting a degree of adaptability and security that has caused various commercial and governmental sectors to take notice and start using it.

 Given this, it makes sense that you should think about becoming a Blockchain developer if you want to start a profession that has a lot of room for advancement and uses cutting-edge new technology that is just emerging.

Median annual salary: GBP52,512/yr

5.    Network and computer systems administrator

A network administrator oversees managing a company’s desktop, server, and mobile technology. They choose the hardware and software that the company requires for its computer and network systems. They may do any system upgrades or repairs that are required. They are supposed to ensure that email and data storage networks are running effectively and continue to be virus-free, as well as the workstations of the employees. They ensure that they are constantly plugged into the main computer network. Sometimes administrators are in charge of telecommunications networks.

The majority of firms need a bachelor’s degree in an area connected to a computer or information science, however, others merely ask for a certificate or associate’s degree to enter the industry. A degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering is typically appropriate, given that this job has a concentration on dealing with computer hardware and equipment.

Median annual salary: GBP37,402/yr

Following are more jobs for IT professionals in the job market apart from the top five mentioned above, that you can apply for with an ITIL® 4 foundation certification training course. 

JobMedian annual salary
Full stack developerGBP59,279/yr
AR/VR developerGBP57,772/yr
Big Data engineerGBP51,949/yr
IoT solutions architectGBP77,500/yr
AI/ML architectGBP64,243/yr
Machine learning engineerGBP54647/yr
Cybersecurity analystGBP39,658/yr
Backend developerGBP50,367/yr
JavaScript developerGBP53,668/yr
Python developerGBP70,486/yr

Trends in the current job market for IT professionals 

 By 2027, it’s anticipated that the country would add 15 to 22 per cent more IT jobs. Due to the need for IT skills across practically all industries, IT is one of the most in-demand industries in the country.

 Employers in the industry, as well as outside who frequently hire tech workers, should keep watch on IT job trends. Rising pay and a candidate-driven market are two trends for 2021, 2022, and beyond. 

The top three trends in the current job market for IT professionals are; 

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Data science and analytics
  3. Cybersecurity 

You and other knowledgeable IT workers will find a wide range of new possibilities as the IT sector continues to develop. You’ll have access to a far wider and more exciting job market as remote work continues to grow. Finding your desired career will be easier if you stay current with industry trends and changes in skill requirements.

As it is clear that the future in the current job market for IT professionals is bright, you should be knowledgeable of the  ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification benefits

The world does not wait for anybody, and nor would the race for success in the current job market for IT. An ITIL foundation certification cost is the best investment you could do today to secure a far-fetched future. 

Don’t fall behind the ladder; enrol in an ITIL foundation course, pass the test, or study independently and schedule the exam. It is advised that you enrol in an ITIL training programme so that you may become familiar with the course material and prepare for the test.

October 20, 2022

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