Introduction to First Aid

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What Will I Learn?

Gain a clear understanding of why first aid is vital and how and when to apply it.
Learn how to recognise a non-breathing person.
Learn how to recognise a breathing patient.
Learn how to manage an acute bleed.
Learn how to help someone with minor injuries such as cuts and burns to choking.
Learn how to advance on your first aid skills.


The Introduction to First Aid course is designed for individuals who want to be better equipped in case of a medical emergency. The course is the perfect choice for employees who are already employed in healthcare or those who want a career in the healthcare industry. From nosebleeds to fractures and cuts and burns, understanding First Aid will enable individuals even save a life.

The Introduction to First Aid course covers key features such as importance of first aid within an office environment, the role of the first aider, first aid equipment, how to survey the scene and give the accurate information and having the confidence to treat minor injuries.

The Introduction to First Aid course will teach learners how to help someone in their time of need. For instance, your co-worker may be chocking. If you have acquired first aid skills, you can be immediately upon the scene and play the role of a first aider. Sometimes, knowing first aid is the difference between life and death. It is an academic qualification that is highly useful to individuals in the any field, but is certainly useful to individuals who work in the healthcare, home care, nursing care and medical industries.

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The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.
  • Employees, workers
  • Managers
  • Anyone who wants to further advance their knowledge in first aid.
  • Homecare workers, residential care workers, school care workers, nurses
  • The course is suitable for all levels of employees and managers
  • Anyone with an interest in first aid
At the end of the Introduction to First Aid you will be evaluated through an online multiple choice exam. In order to complete this program successfully and gain your professional qualification.
Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Introduction to First Aid by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. It will make you valuable to employers, and your motivation at gaining new skills will be recognised.
CIEH (The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) has been supporting professionals since 1883 and an awarding body for the environmental health sector. CIEH has been instrumental in developing several environmental standards in the public and health sectors contributing greatly to the overall wellbeing on a global scale. They set a high standard of improving public health and influencing policy. They provide educational opportunities and training for environmental health professionals working across the public and private sectors. It is with a vision to provide and support a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for all.

Once you successfully complete the Introduction to First Aid you will gain an accredited qualification that will give your career the jumpstart you have always wanted. With this qualification you can further expand your education or go onto work in numerous positions that will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary per annum is calculated according to The certification will enable employees in the capacity of junior and senior workers, including Managers to gain high earning positions within the industry.

  • Personal Homecare Aid - £8.20 per hour
  • Residential Caregiver - £16,384 per annum
  • Nursing Manager - £40,399 per annum
Others jobs you can get
  • Residential Care Worker
  • Nursery Worker
Common Career Paths For Nursery Worker
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Learners will be Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card

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Course Curriculum

1: Introduction to First Aid
1.1 Definition of first aid 00:00:00
1.2 Importance of first aid 00:00:00
1.3 Employee and employer obligations 00:00:00
1.4 First aider’s role 00:00:00
1.5 Reporting first-aid incidents 00:00:00
1.6 Incident report 00:00:00
1.7 RIDDOR 00:00:00
1.8 What you have learned? 00:00:00
2: First Aid Equipment
2.1 Introduction 00:00:00
2.2 First aid kit 00:00:00
2.3 Renewal of first aid equipment 00:00:00
2.4 Medication 00:00:00
2.5 Minimising the risk of infection 00:00:00
2.6 Routes of entry 00:00:00
2.7 How to wash your hands 00:00:00
2.8 Other measures to minimise infection 00:00:00
2.9 What you have learned? 00:00:00
3: First at the Scene
3.1 Introduction 00:00:00
3.2 Scene survey 00:00:00
3.3 Primary survey of casualty 00:00:00
3.4 Calling for help 00:00:00
3.5 Giving the correct information 00:00:00
3.6 What you have learned? 00:00:00
4: Treating Minor Injuries
4.1 Introduction 00:00:00
4.2 Treating minor injuries 00:00:00
4.3 Small cuts, grazes and bruises 00:00:00
4.4 Minor burns or scalds 00:00:00
4.5 Small splinters 00:00:00
4.6 What you have learned? 00:00:00

Students feedback


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    E H

    Everly Harper

    September 19, 2019 - 8:37pm
    Remarkable course

    It was a superb course. We were recommended this First Aid training as a team and part of our induction programme. It served as a nice break in between all the serious training that often goes on during Inductions. The course itself was interesting and very practical. We learned through real-world examples.

    A C

    Axel Clark

    September 03, 2019 - 3:33pm
    Very appealing

    It was an informative course and I learned quite a lot on first aid, although I was taking this as a refresher course. The instructor explained everything in a step by step manner, which I found very appealing.

    E L

    Edith Lloyd

    August 24, 2019 - 3:00pm
    Useful and to the point

    Great course, useful and to the point. If you want to learn First Aid, I strongly recommend it.

    D M

    Danielle Mullen

    August 16, 2019 - 2:35pm
    Happy with the outcome

    The course was not too interactive but as it progressed, the training improved and I was pleased by the final outcome. As a new employee I learned much about this subject, which I hope to use at some point in my life, one day.

    B H

    Bailey Harrison

    July 26, 2019 - 5:00pm
    Interesting course

    There were many aspects about this course I found interesting. It covered the basic fundamentals of First Aid training.

    C F

    Charlie Fox

    July 20, 2019 - 10:29am
    Thumbs up

    I wanted to learn First Aid for a long time. I’m fortunate that my employer decided to send a group of us to take this course. It is thumbs up from me.

    B N

    Blake Norris

    January 04, 2019 - 11:36am
    Wonderful Learning Experience

    If you would like to learn the basics of first aid, no second thoughts, get enrolled in this course right now. I am so thrilled to be a part of this program. Wonderful learning experience. No regrets at all.

    B C

    Bree Cooper

    November 27, 2018 - 1:56pm
    Great Experience

    It has been a great experience studying this course and I would definitely recommend it and even purchase another course if I have the need, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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£119 £28 (inc. VAT)
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  • Course Certificate
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  • Awarded by 'CIEH'
  • 04Number of Modules
  • Exam Included
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