Five biggest trends in the hotel industry: can Opera PMS Training help?

Over the years, there have been various causes that have significantly altered how and why we travel. The pandemic’s impact on business travel caused virtual conferences and events to grow quickly. A fresh wave of contactless solutions was sparked by consumer health concerns. Many people first believed that these tendencies would pass quickly, but as the pandemic continued over the past two years, these once-short-lived trends became more and more ingrained in our long-term habits.

After a few years since the pandemic’s peak, new factors are starting to gain traction and drive hotel sector developments. including digitalised guest experiences, holistic hospitality, tech-first hotel management, and more. 

It’s practically hard to keep up with all the hotel, travel, and hotel management trends affecting this dynamic sector since it is evolving quicker than ever before. A certificate in Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Training is virtually all you need to get started, regardless of whether you want to own a hotel, manage one now, or are just interested in the travel industry because it’s one of the biggest and most powerful on the planet.

Why should you choose Opera PMS Training?

Innovative reactions such as striving to lure customers back into restaurants and bars and reassuring vacationers that it is really safe to enjoy a hotel stay after the pandemic, have expedited current trends in the hospitality sector and brought about long-lasting change. Hence, to keep up with these trends, taking an Opera PMS Training Course online would be a great option. 

Hotels all around the world are increasingly using the software known as Opera PMS. It is made to accommodate the various needs of hotels of all sizes, including hotel chains. The fact that it equips you with all the resources required for the front office or reception so that you, as the front office manager or receptionist, can carry out your tasks precisely and effectively, is maybe its finest feature. This programme will help hotel owners since it will double the worker productivity!

Five biggest trends in the hotel industry

1. A contemporary workforce

While the jobs that employees perform are changing as a result of the world becoming more digital, the workforce itself is also changing. 

An increasing emphasis on safety, unionisation, “gig” employment and human resources technology are just a few examples of the demographic changes brought on by the development of Generation Z and a more globalised workforce. 

To make smart hiring decisions, lower turnover, and ensure the safety and happiness of their staff, hoteliers must be aware of these changes in the workforce. 

Like the cherry on top of the cake, the Opera PMS Hotel Booking Software Training with Global Edulink also provides you with the practical knowledge and skills required to become an enthusiastic and appealing hotel receptionist in any hotel globally! It eventually prepares you to be part of or lead a contemporary workforce to keep up with the trend.


2. Innovation and technology

Previously expensive technologies like artificial intelligence and digital room keys are now more accessible than ever, and developments in payment methods and app functionality mean that hoteliers and guests have exciting new options when making reservations, paying for them, and actually experiencing a hotel stay. 

Innovation in the hotel technology sector has been blazing at a rapid pace. Even though they could be mere “trends” at present, they will only spread.

3. Globalisation

It only seems natural that globalisation would impact the hotel sector in a world where trade and economic linkages are so strong. More people can travel because of rising earnings due to globalisation, which presents both possibilities and difficulties for hotels as they try to accommodate more visitors from various regions. 

Along with this expanding middle class, growing income inequality widens the gap between the top income earners and everyone else. High-end hotels must develop inventive and original offers to dazzle their customers since luxury tourists still need extravagant experiences.

4. Exploding number of brands

Hotel businesses no longer only have one or two brands; while Marriott tops the list with a collection of 30 distinct brands, Best Westin and Hilton are also expanding their brand portfolios. How much difference and value these new brands provide for passengers will be determined over time. Whether you are already a professional in the hotel industry or not, this is where the Opera PMS Training Course online comes in handy to keep in touch with the exploding number of hotel brands. 

5. Transition in traveller’s preferences 

What desires does the modern traveller have? Although the issue sounds straightforward, the solution is undoubtedly intricate. 

Travellers want novel experiences, whether they involve gastronomy, fitness, outdoor pursuits, or a particular hobby like music or sports. They could discover about a place or travel brand via social media rather than through conventional marketing methods whether they’re travelling alone, in a group, or for work. 

The modern traveller is open-minded, preferring hip motels or glamping to traditional hotels and even checking out undiscovered locations before they become popular tourist spots. Hoteliers may make sure their hotels remain relevant to today’s tourist preferences by keeping up with shifting traveller preferences.

Although handling such difficult or diverse travellers could sound like trouble, the Certificate in Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Training course trains you to learn effective customer management techniques as well as effective front desk management for hotels.

As such, these five biggest trends in the hotel industry also call for a high level of skills and practical training that would groom you to perfectly keep up with these trends.

Opera PMS training course online at Global Edulink

You may get practical knowledge with us at Global Edulink so that, upon course completion, you will be completely equipped for the workforce. The Opera PMS training course includes a comprehensive overview of Opera PMS Hotel Software as well as many useful courses that will help you become a skilled hotel receptionist. You won’t need to learn this individually because many hotels across the world employ this system.

The benefits of learning with Global Edulink are numerous. You receive direct delivery of the course materials, which you can customise to match your needs. You will receive accurate, current, and simple-to-understand information since it was prepared by industry professionals. 

This course consists of interactive quizzes, tests, and examinations that are professionally narrated e-Learning modules. Everything will be given through a system that you can access 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (12 months). Your confidence in obtaining your degree will grow thanks to an efficient support system and study resources.

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