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Food Safety for Food Manufacturing - Level 2

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What Will I Learn?

Gain a clear understanding of the personal responsibility of food safety when working in food production and manufacturing.
Learn about the legal responsibilities of food business operators.
Understand personal hygiene in food safety.
Learn the effective practices and procedures in food processing.
Understand food poisoning and food contamination and how to prevent it.
Learn about the correct cleaning procedures.


Do you work in an environment that prepares and manufactures food? Are you in a catering or retail service where food is handled and prepared? The Food Safety for Food Manufacturing – Level 2 course is designed for individuals who work in food production and manufacturing where food is cooked and handled. The course is the perfect choice individuals who not only have direct handling with food but are also involved in food manufacturing process.  If you prepare, pack, cook and process food, this course is for you.

The Food Safety for Food Manufacturing – Level 2 course will introduce learners to the importance of food safety, personal hygiene, safe cleaning, food safety hazards, safe food storage and temperature control.

The Food Safety for Food Manufacturing – Level 2 course will cover the fundamentals of good food hygiene practices and will equip learners with the necessary skills to be able to work safely with food.  Learn to comply with the legal responsibilities of applying the best practices in terms of controlling temperatures, food preparation and storage, food safety hazards and premise cleaning. The Food Safety for Food Manufacturing – Level 2 certification is nationally recognised by local authorities and environmental health officers across the United Kingdom.

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The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.
  • Caterers
  • Food business operators
  • Food factories
  • Meat cutting plants
  • Diaries
  • Vegetable packing
  • Breweries
  • The course is suitable for all levels of employees, supervisors and managers who work with and directly handle food and food processing
  • Anyone with an interest in food safety and food manufacturing, packaging and storage industry

At the end of the Food Safety for Food Manufacturing - Level 2 you will be evaluated through an online multiple choice exam. In order to complete this program successfully and gain your professional qualification.

Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety for Food Manufacturing by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. It will make you valuable to employers, and your motivation at gaining new skills will be recognised.
CIEH (The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) has been supporting professionals since 1883 and an awarding body for the environmental health sector. CIEH has been instrumental in developing several environmental standards in the public and health sectors contributing greatly to the overall wellbeing on a global scale. They set a high standard of improving public health and influencing policy. They provide educational opportunities and training for environmental health professionals working across the public and private sectors. It is with a vision to provide and support a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for all.
With this certificate in your resume, you are sure to impress potential employers into hiring you for a number of jobs in food manufacturing. You can also use this certificate to take your career to the next level or to study further in the subject. Following are some of the jobs this certificate will help you land, along with the average UK salary per annum according to https://www.payscale.com/career-path-planner,
  • Food Technologist – €25,823 per annum
  • Food and Beverage Manager – €25,034 per annum
  • Food and beverage Supervisor – €16,729 per annum
  • Food and Beverage Assistant manager – €19,598 per annum
  • Food and Beverage Director – €55,000 per annum
  • Caterer – €18,500 per annum
  • Head Chef – €25,906 per annum
Common Career Paths For Head Chef
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Course Curriculum

1: Introduction to Food Safety
1.1 Introduction 00:00:00
1.2 Overview 00:00:00
1.3 Objectives 00:00:00
1.4 Food safety consequences 00:00:00
1.5 Key definitions 00:00:00
1.6 High-risk foods 00:00:00
1.7 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
1.8 Food poisoning 00:00:00
1.9 Hazards, risks and controls 00:00:00
1.10 Food safety management systems 00:00:00
1.11 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
1.12 Summary 00:00:00
2: The Law
2.1 Objectives 00:00:00
2.2 Enforcement authorities 00:00:00
2.3 Consequences of non-compliance 00:00:00
2.4 The law 00:00:00
2.5 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
2.6 Record keeping 00:00:00
2.7 Due diligence 00:00:00
2.8 Food safety information 00:00:00
2.9 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
2.10 Summary 00:00:00
3: Food Safety Hazards
3.1 Physical and chemical contamination 00:00:00
3.2 What are micro-organisms? 00:00:00
3.3 Causes of food poisoning 00:00:00
3.4 Pathogenic micro-organisms 00:00:00
3.5 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
3.6 Spoilage bacteria 00:00:00
3.7 Multiplication of bacteria 00:00:00
3.8 The effects of temperature on bacteria 00:00:00
3.9 Bacteria spores 00:00:00
3.10 Toxins 00:00:00
3.11 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
3.12 Common allergenic foods 00:00:00
3.13 Cross-contamination 00:00:00
3.14 Separating foods 00:00:00
3.15 Food-bourne illness carriers 00:00:00
3.16 Reporting illness 00:00:00
3.17 Making constructive suggestions 00:00:00
3.18 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
3.19 Summary 00:00:00
4: Temperature Controls
4.1 Objectives 00:00:00
4.2 How to cool hot food quickly 00:00:00
4.3 Checking temperatures 00:00:00
4.4 Temperature monitoring 00:00:00
4.5 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
4.6 Summary 00:00:00
5: Heat Processing of Foods
5.1 Objectives 00:00:00
5.2 Bacteria and cooking 00:00:00
5.3 Hot-process food preservation 00:00:00
5.4 Monitoring and recording heat processes 00:00:00
5.5 Safe temperature controls 00:00:00
5.6 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
5.7 Summary 00:00:00
6: Food Handlers
6.1 Objectives 00:00:00
6.2 Personal hygiene 00:00:00
6.3 Minimise direct handling 00:00:00
6.4 Washing your hands 00:00:00
6.5 How to wash your hands 00:00:00
6.6 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
6.7 Protective clothing 00:00:00
6.8 Jewellery and accessories 00:00:00
6.9 Report illness or cuts 00:00:00
6.10 Other personal hygiene practices 00:00:00
6.11 Reportable diseases 00:00:00
6.12 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
6.13 Summary 00:00:00
7: Food Storage
7.1 Objectives 00:00:00
7.2 Dates on food labels 00:00:00
7.3 Principles of safe food storage 00:00:00
7.4 Storing, processing and handling allergens 00:00:00
7.6 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
7.7 Summary 00:00:00
8: Cleaning
8.1 Objectives 00:00:00
8.2 The role of cleaning in preventing food contamination 00:00:00
8.3 Cleaning products 00:00:00
8.4 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
8.5 Clean as you go 00:00:00
8.6 Cleaning schedules 00:00:00
8.7 Safe disposal of waste 00:00:00
8.8 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
8.9 Summary 00:00:00
9: Food Premises and Equipment
9.1 Objectives 00:00:00
9.2 Structure and equipment 00:00:00
9.3 Work and food flow 00:00:00
9.4 Food pests 00:00:00
9.5 Signs and control of food pests 00:00:00
9.6 Check your knowledge 00:00:00
9.7 Summary 00:00:00

Students feedback


Avarage rating (6)
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1 Star
    J B

    Jemima Bennett

    September 18, 2019 - 4:09pm
    Inspiring course

    If you aspire to work in the food and beverage industry, you will get a good start with this course. The course focuses on food manufacturing regulations and how and why you should comply with them.

    A C

    Amiyah Clark

    September 07, 2019 - 7:01pm
    A comprehensive course

    Very good course. The course is geared for independent food handlers or those who work in establishments. There is detailed-information provided on the Food Safety Act. It is a comprehensive course packed with essential content for all skills and capabilities of learners.

    A W

    Aaron Willis

    August 30, 2019 - 2:36pm
    Useful course

    If you work as food handler or manufacturer like myself, I strongly recommend this course.

    P E

    Phoebe Edwards

    July 24, 2019 - 5:50pm
    Convenient and flexible course

    I registered for this course just recently, and I’m pleased with the way it has progressed. There is a lot of convenience and flexibility for someone like me who is already employed in the food and beverage industry, and has to work long hours. I’m able to balance my work and study time well.

    R M

    Regan Moore

    July 10, 2019 - 11:26am
    Informative course

    If you want to have a successful career in the food and beverage industry, you can start with this informative course.

    D H

    David Hamilton

    January 07, 2019 - 11:58am
    Loved It

    Loved this course. Learnt much needed information about food manufacturing processes and its importance in being safe for consumption.

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£119 £28 (inc. VAT)
  • 365 Days
  • Certificate, Level 2
  • Course Certificate
  • Wishlist
  • Awarded by 'CIEH'
  • 09Number of Modules
  • Exam Included
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