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What Will I Learn?

Ensures the learner can define hazards and risks
Helps the learner identify common hazards
Improves overall safety performance
Successful learners are awarded an IOSH Working Safely certificate

Do you care about your working safety and well-being?

The IOSH Working Safely is a tried, tested, and trusted health and safety course from the largest global organisation for health and safety professionals. The course offers noteworthy and thought-provoking facts and case studies that are customised to your workplace setup. 

  • Each module is backed by clear examples 
  • Relatable scenarios are discussed while  summarising key learning points
  • Provides learners with ample knowledge and tools to work safely

Why follow the IOSH Working Safely course?

  • The course is suitable for anyone working in any sector, worldwide 
  • Provides the learner knowledge and tools required to work safely
  • Internationally recognised and respected certification
  • Efficient and effective learning health, safety, and environmental basics covered in a single programme

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  • About IOSH
  • Learning outcomes
  • Prerequisites to take this course
  • Method of Assessment
  • The Final Assessment
  • Certification
  • Prospective Careers

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a leading health and safety education provider and trainer with the Chartered Membership. They excel in providing IOSH training courses related to health and safety standards at workplaces to ensure the safety of employees. It is the largest membership organisation that is dedicated to safety and health professionals.

  • Ensures the learner can define hazards and risks
  • Helps the learner identify common hazards
  • Improves overall safety performance
  • Successful learners are awarded an IOSH Working Safely certificate
  • Learners must be over 16 years of age

The assessment comprises 3 multi-choice questions. You must pass one part before progressing onto the next one. You will be given multiple attempts until successful.

Upon completion of Parts 1-4, you will take a mock assessment consisting of:

  • Part A - 4 multi-choice questions – between 1 and 3 parts per question
  • Part B - 1 hazard identification scene with 3 multi-choice questions
  • Can be attempted as many times as necessary

A period of 6 months is allowed for course completion. The final assessment is taken online, at a date and time that suits you. If you are unsuccessful in your assessment, then you are eligible for one retake.

  • 1 of 4 papers

Part A - 16 multi-choice questions – between 1 and 5 parts per question

  • The pass mark is 20 out of 33

Part B - 4 hazard identification scenes each with associated multi-choice questions x 3, and 4 further multi-choice questions

  • The pass mark is 10 out of 16
  • The combined pass mark is 30 or more
  • There is a 30-minute time limit
  • One free retake available if required
  • You will be informed immediately on screen of your result

Your IOSH Certificate will follow up to 8 weeks from the date of your final assessment

Once the course and the exam are successfully completed, the learners get awarded the IOSH Working Safely Certification.

If you plan to enjoy a rewarding career as a safety and health professional or trainer, then this workplace safety and security certification from IOSH is your opportunity to apply different skills and influence organisational leaders.

The safety profession is for you if you want to land a rewarding job and are passionate about creating a healthy workplace by preventing fatalities, illnesses, and injuries. According to, the starting salary of a health and safety advisor in the UK ranges from £24,000 to £32,000.

Key Features

Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
Support by Phone, Live Chat, and Email
Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card
UK Register of Learning Providers Reg No : 10053842

Course Curriculum

Part 1 - Introducing Working Safely
Unit 1.1 – Why It Is Important to Work Safely
Unit 1.2 – Who Is Responsible for Safety and Health in The Workplace
Unit 1.3 – An Organisation’s Responsibilities for Safety and Health
Unit 1.4 – Who Has Responsibility for Worker Actions
Part 2 - Defining Hazard and Risk
Unit 2.1 – The Six Hazard Groups
Unit 2.2 – Hazards That Are Not Easy to Identify
Unit 2.3 – What Is Meant by The Terms ‘Hazard’ And ‘Risk’
Unit 2.4 – What Is Meant by The Term ‘Risk Assessment’
Unit 2.5 – What Is Meant by The Terms ‘Likelihood’ And ‘Consequence’
Unit 2.6 – Deciding On What Actions to Take to Control Risk
Unit 2.7 – What Is Meant by The Term ‘Reasonably Practicable’
Part 3 - Identifying Common Hazards
Unit 3.1 – Aggression and Violence
Unit 3.2 – Asbestos
Unit 3.3 – Bullying
Unit 3.4 – Chemicals and Harmful Substances
Unit 3.5 – Computer Workstations
Unit 3.6 – Confined Spaces
Unit 3.7 – Drugs and Alcohol
Unit 3.8 – Electricity
Unit 3.9 – Fire
Unit 3.10 – Getting in and Out
Unit 3.11 – Heights
Unit 3.12 – Housekeeping
Unit 3.13 – Lighting
Unit 3.14 – Manual Handling
Unit 3.15 – Noise
Unit 3.16 – Personal Hygiene
Unit 3.17 – Plant and Machinery
Unit 3.18 – Slips and Trips
Unit 3.19 – Stress
Unit 3.20 – Temperature
Unit 3.21 – Vehicles and Transport
Unit 3.22 – Welfare Facilities
Part 4 - Improving Safety Performance
Unit 4.1 – What an Organisation Can Do to Manage and Improve Safety and Health in The Workplace
Unit 4.2 – Worker Responsibilities for Improving Safety and Health in The Workplace
Unit 4.3 – How Attitude and Behaviour Can Affect Safety and Health in The Workplace
Unit 4.4 – What A Safe System of Work Is
Unit 4.5 – What A ‘Permit to Work’ Is
Unit 4.6 – How Safety Signs Can Play an Important Part in Communicating Safety and Health Information
Unit 4.7 – Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Unit 4.8 – The Safety and Health of Other People Who May Come On Site, Including Contractors, Visitors and Members of the Public
Unit 4.9 – The Role of Safety Committees and Worker Representatives in Safety and Health
Unit 4.10 – Types of Workplace Inspections
Unit 4.11 – Emergency Procedures
Unit 4.12 – What Is Meant by The Terms ‘Incident’, ‘Accident’ And ‘Near Miss’
Unit 4.13 – Reporting Incidents, Including Near Misses and Accidents
Unit 4.14 – First Aid Provision
Unit 4.15 – The Role of the Safety and Health Enforcement Inspector
Unit 4.16 – Health Surveillance and Monitoring
Mock Assessment
Final Assessment

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    M C

    Morgan Cox

    August 08, 2021
    Recommend it

    It improves overall safety knowledge; I recommend it.

    M R

    Marley Rogers

    July 24, 2021
    Nice Experience

    My experience with this platform has been good, while trying it for the first time.

    J H

    Jessie Harper

    July 16, 2021
    More focused

    The course was really impressive with useful content and ever-supporting team.

    A E

    Alexis Ellis

    May 20, 2021

    In a few hours, I’ve learnt so much about working safely. Thank you, this was amazing.

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