Principles of Manual Handling - Level 2

Access Duration - 365 Days
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What Will I Learn?

Gain a clear understanding of safe manual handling.
Learn how manual handling risk assessment contributes to improving health and safety.
Understand the principles, equipment and testing requirements related to manual handling safety.
Learn how to apply safe manual handling principles.
Learn about reporting health and safety incidents.
Understand the legal responsibility pertaining to workplace health and safety.


Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common reasons for injury in the workplace. Ensure that your health and safety are not compromised and that your workplace remains hazard-free. The Principles of Manual Handling – Level 2 course will give learners insight on the importance of a hazard-free workplace. Ensure your health and safety are not compromised and vital measures are taken to counter these risks. The course is designed to give learners an overview of hazards and how to demonstrate the best practices. Learners will gain an understanding of how to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others.

The Principles of Manual Handling – Level 2 course will give learners an understanding of the overview of manual handling, manual handling hazards, risk assessments, legislation and guidance and controls and reducing the risk of harm.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations Act was introduced in 1992 with the aim to ensure that employees are competent and trained in manual handling activities. The Principles of Manual Handling – Level 2 course will familiarise learners on the importance of workplace injuries, hazards, risk and control, risk factors for injury, Ergonomics.

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Who is this Course aimed at?

  • All employees of all levels
  • Individuals who are working in employment that has to undertake manual handling
  • New employees who are taking the induction training in manual handling

Entry Requirement

  • The course is suitable for all levels of employees and managers
  • Anyone with an interest in manual handling and workplace safety
  • Access Duration
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • Awarding Body
  • Progression and Career Path
  • Other Benefits

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

At the end of the Principles of Manual Handling - Level 2 you will be evaluated through an online multiple choice exam. In order to complete this program successfully and gain your professional qualification.

Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Manual Handling by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. It will make you valuable to employers, and your motivation at gaining new skills will be recognised.

CIEH (The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) has been supporting professionals since 1883 and an awarding body for the environmental health sector. CIEH has been instrumental in developing several environmental standards in the public and health sectors contributing greatly to the overall wellbeing on a global scale. They set a high standard of improving public health and influencing policy. They provide educational opportunities and training for environmental health professionals working across the public and private sectors. It is with a vision to provide and support a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for all.

This certificate will help you in landing a rewarding job role in manufacturing or a related industry. You can also use this certificate as a means to demand for a salary increment or job promotion from your employer. Below given are few of the job roles this certificate will benefit you in, along with the average UK salary per annum according to,

  • Health and Safety Advisor – €29,784 per annum
  • Health and Safety Manager – €35,032 per annum
  • HR Manager – €35,474 per annum
  • HR Administrator – €19,648 per annum
  • Business Manager- €34,612 per annum
  • Manufacturing Supervisor – €25,499 per annum
  • Manufacturing Team Leader – €25,294 per annum
  • Manufacturing Manager – €41,481 per annum
Common Career Paths For Health Safety Advisor
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Personalised Learning Experience
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Course Curriculum

1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 What is manual handling?
1.3 Workplace injuries
1.4 Introducing the mentors
1.5 Hazard, risk and control
1.6 Ergonomics
1.7 Recap
1.8 Summary
2: Manual Handling Hazards
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Types of injuries
2.3 Musculoskeletal system
2.4 Mechanics of movement
2.5 Risk factors for injury
2.6 Case studies
2.7 Recap
2.8 Summary
3: Risk Assessments
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Terminology
3.3 Hierarchy of control
3.4 Manual handling assessments
3.5 TILE assessment
3.6 Manual handling assessments
3.7 Recap
3.8 Summary
4: Controls and Reducing the Risk of Harm
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Hierarchy of control
4.3 Individual capabilities
4.4 Preparation
4.5 Manual handling controls
4.6 Team handling
4.7 Recap
4.8 Summary
5: Legislation and Guidance
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Types of injuries
5.3 Musculoskeletal system
5.4 Mechanics of movement
5.5 Risk factors for injury
5.6 Case studies
5.7 Recap
5.8 Summary

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    A J

    Anayah Jordan

    September 18, 2019
    Valuable content

    This course is good in my opinion, and I had a good learning experience at Global Edulink. I enjoyed the valuable content and extra resources provided. I also hope to take back what I learned through this course to my workplace. I believe I can use my skills appropriately.

    A A

    Amina Adams

    September 09, 2019
    Straightforward and to the point

    Very thorough training. Straightforward and to the point. The instructor was well equipped to handle the content.

    A L

    Andrea Lindsey

    August 27, 2019
    Detailed-oriented course

    As someone who works in a high-level position in the health and safety sector, I found this course comprehensive and the information provided was detailed-oriented. I strongly recommend it to others in a similar position as myself.

    A P

    Anaya Poole

    August 12, 2019
    Easy to follow

    The course focused heavily on the principles of manual handling and presented a wealth of information on the subject. The structure of the course was paced well and the visual demonstration was very pleasing.

    A B

    Andrei Baxter

    July 29, 2019
    Nicely explained

    The course presenter was an expert on the subject, and provided the training in a step by step manger. Even the harder sections were explained thoroughly.

    A N

    Annabella Nicholson

    July 16, 2019
    Precise and structured well

    Good course, overall. Precise and structured well. Would definitely recommend.

    M G

    Marsh George

    April 16, 2019
    Thank You Globaledulink

    Not handling manuals properly is a main reason for injury at work, and I was able to learn the best way to minimise the risks.

    K A

    Kent Alexendra

    April 05, 2019
    Wonderful Course

    Learnt how to take measures to minimise risks in the workplace. Really grateful to this institution.

    H D

    Hesper Davies

    November 27, 2018
    Great Experience

    Learning at Global Edulink was a great experience. I would like to do it again and I recommend it to everyone who wants to study at their own convenience. It’s great!!

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