Emotional Intelligence

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What Will I Learn?

Understand why emotional intelligence matters
Understand how to better intervene with the help of high emotional intelligence
Learn to control your emotions
Develop resilient responses to challenges


Explore how your emotions influence your performance, build relationships and make decisions and learn to become the best version of yourself

This course will explore the origin of emotional intelligence. You can learn the importance of emotional intelligence and how it influences our relationships with others as well as ourselves. This course will help you understand, use, and control one’s own emotions in constructive ways in order to reduce stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome problems, and diffuse conflict.

Your emotions drive your actions, what if you learned how to manage your emotions and created a blueprint for success. This course will teach you how to develop your emotional intelligence so that you may achieve any goal in any aspect of your life in any circumstance without self-doubt, rejection anxiety, or inability to communicate effectively.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification was established in 1996 as a leading accreditation organisation. It provides advice, support and accreditations according to CPD standards. Thousands of CPD certified professionals are demonstrating their skills across the globe. Regardless of the industry and sector, CPD courses and seminars are a badge of honour for professionals to develop skills and stay ahead of time.

  • Recognised approach to learning
  • Look ahead to a brilliant career
  • Achieve CPD standards and benchmarks
  • Learn through case studies
  • Understand why emotional intelligence matters
  • Understand how to better intervene with the help of high emotional intelligence
  • Learn to control your emotions
  • Develop resilient responses to challenges
  • Discover how to use emotional intelligence to help yourself and others
  • Learn to take control of your relationships
  • Practise self-control while expressing yourself
  • Feel in control of your emotional state and your life
  • Unlock your tranquillity and happiness
  • Learn to produce the results you want
  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to achieve extraordinary results and become the best version of themselves
  • The course has no pre-requisites, anyone can enroll in the course and enjoy the benefit

This course is delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). As this is an online course, you have no set timetable and can study at your own pace, moving through the modules as fast or slow as you wish, and return to previous sections at any point.

  • Assessment methods include short quizzes at the end of each module and a final MCQ quiz to evaluate the learner

Once the course and the quizzes are successfully completed, the learners get awarded the Emotional Intelligence - Level 3 certification.

Enrolling in the Certification in Emotional Intelligence(EQ) will prove to be life changing. Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of leadership. One of the most powerful predictors of job performance is the ability to control your emotions, as well as understand and influence others.

According to research, those with high emotional intelligence outperform those with high IQs or relevant expertise. We've discovered that emotional intelligence is an important talent for both leaders and employees. Emotional intelligence is a valuable career skill. Having high emotional intelligence is a plus, but not every job or career needs EQ equally. Jobs for emotional intelligence are those that require a lot of emotional labour.

Sneak Peek

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Getting Started
Getting Started 00:02:00
Module 1 - What is Emotional Intelligence
Unit 1.1 – What is Emotional Intelligence 00:08:00
Module 1 Quiz 00:30:00
Module 2 - Four Skills in Emotional Intelligence
Unit 2.1 – Four Skills in Emotional Intelligence 00:03:00
Module 2 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 3 - Verbal Communication Skills
Unit 3.1 – Verbal Communication Skills 00:04:00
Module 3 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 4 - Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Unit 4.1 – Non-Verbal Communication Skills 00:03:00
Module 4 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 5 - Social Management and Responsibility
Unit 5.1 – Social Management and Responsibility 00:03:00
Module 5 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 6 - Tools to Regulate Your Emotions
Unit 6.1 – Tools to Regulate Your Emotions 00:03:00
Module 6 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 7 - Gaining Control
Unit 7.1 – Gaining Control 00:04:00
Module 7 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 8 - Business Practices (I)
Unit 8.1 – Business Practices (I) 00:04:00
Module 8 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 9 - Business Practices (II)
Unit 9.1 – Business Practices (II) 00:03:00
Module 9 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 10 - Making an Impact
Unit 10.1 – Making an Impact 00:05:00
Module 10 Quiz 00:18:00
Module 11 - Wrapping Up
Unit 11.1 – Wrapping Up 00:02:00
Final Exam
Final Exam : Emotional Intelligence 00:40:00
Certificate Download Guide
Certificate Download Guide 00:03:00

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    A H

    Aiden Holland

    May 15, 2022
    Awesome experience

    I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend it to professionals in leadership roles.

    E C

    Eli Cox

    April 20, 2022
    Learn to manage emotions

    This course helped me in my daily interactions with colleagues and clients.

    Q A

    Quinn Anderson

    April 11, 2022
    Great course for self-awareness

    The tutor was really knowledgeable and he did an amazing job passing on that knowledge.

    R T

    Rowan Turner

    March 02, 2022
    Remarkable experience

    I didn’t know there was so much to learn from our emotions. The course left me amazed.

    G H

    Gene Hall

    February 14, 2022
    5- star course

    This course offers an excellent balance of theory and practice, which makes it even more interesting.

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