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Top 5 Skills For An Office Administrator

If you think that administrative assistants, receptionists and secretaries have to only answer the phone and greet clients, you might want to think that again. In the real working world, these professionals are the foundation of the organisation and they enable each employee to complete their duties well. An office administrator is responsible for organising schedules, carrying out communications on behalf of other executives, maintain contacts and so much more.

The position of an office administrator is one that is critical to any business.

So, to become an office administrator, you need to make sure that you acquire the right skills that will give you a clear advantage over your competition, and mind you, the job competition for these positions are tight! So here are the top 5 skills that an office administrator must have.

Skill 01: You Need To Be Tech Savvy

You will have so many things to get done in a single work day as an office administrator. This means that you have to be excellent at becoming resourceful and finding methods to complete your job in the allocated time, accurately, but of course without making your life harder than it has to be. The way out? Technology! Make sure that you are tech savvy or at the very least adept at using software that can help you complete your jobs on time. These include various teamwork software, MS Office and the likes, depending upon what is in use in your organisation. If you want to do well at work, start training from now on to use technology wherever possible.

Skill 02: Great Verbal and Written Communications

You will be handling a lot of different communications with different people ranging from customers to the CEOs of companies, and your own. You will also be handling both written and verbal communications. You may have to definitely do this on a daily basis too. This means that you should be excellent with your communication skills. While many employers will offer new recruits some level of training, your natural conversational skills will need to be well polished if you want to build great relationships with people. For example, your telephone skills will create an impression in the mind of other businesses and clients about your company. Similarly, your style of writing professional emails or letters will convey a message about how professional your company is. In short, you are the face of your organisation.

Skill 03: Excellent Organisational Skills

You are not simply responsible for being organisational in a way that works for you, it should actually benefit the whole company as a whole. For example you should be able to come up with and put in place a filing system that every person in the company can follow. You should also be able organise calendars and even events where you will have to coordinate with many different parties that are both from inside the company as well as from outside. Your attention to detail and ability to maintain order and organisation will enable every other person in the company to carry out their duties well. If you think your role is not critical, you should know that your role is the foundation on which everything else can be built well.

Skill 04: Time Management Skills

You will not simply be manning the front desk or admin office. You will be helping almost all the departments in the company function by providing them with any kind of administrative assistance that they need. Usually an office administrator is a very busy role and it is not unusual for you to feel overwhelmed and like you are stretching yourself too thin across many different departments. To stop this from happening, you need to be good at time management. You should be able to prioritise your tasks for the day and you should be able to complete projects or tasks allocated to you on time. You should also learn to say no when you know that you either need more time or if you believe that what you are being asked to do is not something you should be doing.

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Skill 05: Resourcefulness Is A Must

If you already have experience in this field or if you know somebody who has been working in it, you will know that resourcefulness is a must have skill for an office administrator. In any business, things can change really fast and you should be flexible enough to adapt fast according to the situation. Especially in situations where your boss might not be at work, you should be able to explore other avenues of arriving at a solution, if a crisis has arisen fast and effectively. You should be able to multi-task, know how to get things done right and be creative enough to think on your feet.

Now the big question is; how can I get all of these skills?

Learn and fine tune them with the right learning

What you need to do is learn smart and choose the right programs that can help you in the workplace both practically and theoretically while also giving you a professional qualification that is recognised.

Global Edulink offers you admin courses online you can study from home. Our Office Administration courses are accredited and comprehensive and will give you all the right skills you need for a successful career.

Some of our programs include;

Diploma in Office Administration and Reception – Level 4 Diploma in Office Administration – Level 4 Diploma in Office Administration and PA – Level 4 Diploma in Office Administration and Management – Level 4 Diploma in Office Administration and HR – Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Office Administration – Multi skills Office Admin, Secretarial & PA Training

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