Diploma in Office Administration - Multi skills Bundle

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What Will I Learn?

Have a clear understanding of the job role of Office Administrator, learn to adhere to relevant standards and conduct yourself professionally
Schedule and coordinate meetings, tasks, set priorities and meet specific deadlines.
Provide operational support to the administrative department.
Learn how to use a proper filing system for documents and records to support daily office operations.
Use interpersonal skills to respond to and support the vision of the organisation.
Learn how to apply information technologies to support communication with stakeholders


The Office Admin course bundle is designed for individuals who want to follow a combination of many courses, which include the Diploma in Office Administration, Advanced Diploma in Office Administration, Diploma in Microsoft Office, Human Resource Management And Leadership Skills and Customer Service Skills. The skills bundle prepares individuals for a career in office administration. Learners will gain a clear understanding of office skills and administrative procedures. The course will focus on communication and human resource management allowing learners to progress into multiple roles within the administrative department.

The Office Admin skills bundle will give learners practical experience through simulated situations within an office environment. The qualification will enable learners to enhance their opportunities to progress in their careers and find a well-paid job. It is an excellent course bundle for beginners who want to take their first step in office administration or for individuals already employed in the field, and want to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Learn the fundamentals of office administration from beginner level to more advanced administrative duties. Administration is central to an organisation and if individuals want to advance in their careers in this field, the qualification will be helpful. Learn administrative procedures, tools and guidelines, understand bookkeeping and payroll, writing letters, reports and overseeing the office. The Office Admin skills bundle will enable individuals to achieve a high level qualification that will be desirable to potential employers both locally and internationally.

PLEASE NOTE: Sage 50 Software is not provided with this package. All learners are required to have purchase software separately.

Please Note: This Course is Based on USA Standards.

Why Choose Global Edulink?

Global Edulink offers the most convenient path to gain recognised skills and training that will give you the opportunity to put into practice your knowledge and expertise in an IT or corporate environment. You can study at your own pace at Global Edulink and you will be provided with all the necessary material, tutorials, qualified course instructor, narrated e-learning modules and free resources which include Free CV writing pack, free career support and course demo to make your learning experience more enriching and rewarding.

Who is this Course aimed at?

  • HR personnel
  • Secretaries
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Finance Assistants
  • Customer Service Managers

Entry Requirement

  • There are no formal pre-requisites for this skills bundle
  • Basic knowledge of English, Maths and ICT
  • Anyone interested in expanding their administrative skills and knowledge
  • Course Library Objectives
  • Accesses Duration
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • Progression and Career Path
  • Other Benefits
  • Gain access to the best and most recognised training
  • Become qualified and enhance your knowledge in a specialised field
  • Learn a new set of skills to help you succeed in your profession
  • Understand how to use your skills and advance in your career

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

At the end of the Office Admin skills bundle you will be required to take a multiple choice question assessment test. The multiple choice question assessment will be automatically marked with learners receiving an instant grade.

Having completed this course, you will be awarded the Level 3 Diploma in Office Administration by Global Edulink as well as a summary of the units learnt. This summary will include the specifics of the units you have learnt in the completed course. At the end of this course, you will be able to gain a professional qualification. Potential employers will view you as an asset and will recognize the level of commitment and skills you have displayed while studying this course.

Once you successfully complete the Office Admin skills bundle, you will gain an accredited qualification that will give your career the jumpstart you have always wanted. With this qualification you can further expand your education or go onto work in numerous positions that will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary per annum is according to https://www.payscale.com/career-path-planner.

  • Office Administrator - £17,425 per annum
  • Administrative Officer - £19,398 per annum
  • Human Resource Administrator - £19,689 per annum
Others jobs you can get
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
Common Career Paths For Office Administrator
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  • Gain access to quality video tutorials
  • Unlimited 12 months access from anywhere, anytime
  • Save time and money on travel
  • Learn at your convenience and leisure
  • Eligible for TOTUM  discount card

Course Curriculum

1: Office Administration and Reception Skills
1.1 Business Reports and Letter Writing
Business Writing Skills
Introduction to Business Report Writing 00:03:00
Exploring Reports 00:35:00
How to Prepare for Writing 00:52:00
Exercise Files: Business Report Writing
1.2 E-mails Writing Tips
Introduction to Effective Email Writing 00:25:00
Writing Email Messages 00:22:00
Email Manners 00:25:00
1.3 Typing Speed Development
Effective Typing 00:50:00
1.4 Tips For Speed Reading
Tips for Speed Reading 00:06:00
2: Bookkeeping and Payroll Skills
2.1 Bookkeeping
Introduction to Accounting 00:33:00
Financial & Managerial Accounting 01:42:00
Taxes 00:25:00
2.1.1 Quickbooks For Payroll Management
Introduction to QuickBooks 00:18:00
Setting up the Employee Payroll 00:41:00
Running the Payroll 00:29:00
Exercise Files: QuickBooks for Payroll Management
2.1.2 Invoicing/petty Cash
Invoicing and Petty cash
2.2 Sage 50 Computerised Accounting
2.2.1 Configuration Of Sage 50 Software(Introduction To Sage 50)
Company Settings FREE 00:00:00
Save, Back up and Rebuild Data FREE 00:00:00
Set financial year and change program date FREE 00:00:00
2.2.2 Use Chart Of Accounts
Enter, Amend & delete chart of accounts FREE 00:00:00
2.2.3 Create and Maintain Nominal Accounts
Plan & post balance on nominal accounts 00:00:00
Create, amend& delete nominal accounts 00:00:00
2.2.4 Dealing With Customers
Enter customer details 00:00:00
Process sales invoices & credit notes 00:00:00
Enter receipts from customers 00:00:00
2.2.5 Dealing With Suppliers
Enter supplier details 00:00:00
Process of purchase invoices & credit notes 00:00:00
Enter payments to suppliers 00:00:00
2.2.6 Cash Receipts
Process & enter cash receipts 00:00:00
2.2.7 Cash Payments
Process & enter cash payments 00:00:00
2.2.8 Bank Transfer
Transfer money to business bank account 00:00:00
Transfer money from bank account to petty cash 00:00:00
2.2.9 Extract Reports
Trial balance, supplier & customer activity, customer & supplier details & nominal ledgers 00:00:00
3: Ms Office Skills (2016)
3.1 Microsoft Word
Introduction to Microsoft Word 00:01:00
First Step to MS Word 00:32:00
Text Editing & Formatting 00:44:00
Formatting Paragraph and Pages 00:48:00
Creating Styles, Themes, Number and Bullets 00:39:00
Columns & Tables 01:34:00
Macros and Proofing 00:33:00
Sharing and Reviewing Documents 00:28:00
Modify Word Document 00:15:00
Exercise Files: Microsoft Word 2016
3.2 Microsoft Excel
Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 00:42:00
Data Entering 00:24:00
Creating Formulas and Functions 00:41:00
Formatting 01:02:00
Worksheet Views, Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks 00:52:00
IF, VLOOKUP, and Power Functions, Security & Sharing 00:51:00
Data Management, Data Analysis Tools 01:20:00
PivotTables & Macros 01:21:00
Exercise Files: Microsoft Excel 2016
3.3 Microsoft Powerpoint
Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 00:10:00
Working with Presentations & Slides 00:38:00
Adding Pictures & Contents to Slides 00:46:00
Adding Shapes, Diagrams, Charts, Video, Audio, and Animation to Slides 00:40:00
Preparing & Delivering Speech 00:26:00
Reusing and Sharing Presentations 00:20:00
Exercise Files: Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
3.4 Microsoft Outlook
Getting Started with Outlook 00:09:00
Adding and Connecting Accounts, Reading & Organizing Mails 01:02:00
Creating and Sending Mail, Creating and Working with People 00:44:00
Working with Delegates & Calendars 00:40:00
Creating Tasks and Notes, Working with Outlook Data 00:13:00
3.5 Microsoft Access
Introduction to MS Access 00:35:00
Creating Tables & Setting up Properties 01:04:00
Queries 01:32:00
Creating Forms & Reports 02:45:00
Working with Macros, Integrating Access with Office Suite 00:34:00
Database Management 00:28:00
Exercise Files- Microsoft Access 2016
4: Time Management Skills
4.1 Time Management Fundamentals
Introduction to Time Management Fundamentals 00:10:00
Productivity Principles 00:59:00
Time Management Process 01:14:00
Budgeting the Time 00:21:00
Exercise Files- Time Management Fundamentals
4.2. Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips 00:39:00
4.3 Manage Time
The Tests of Time 00:11:00
How to Stop Wasting Your Time 00:14:00
How to Become a Time Manager 00:07:00
4.4 Managing Your Time
Managing Your Time 00:11:00
4.4.1 Successful Time Management Process
Successful Time Management Process 00:38:00
4.4.2 Time Management Skills
Time Management Skills 02:22:00
4.4.3 Time Management With Outlook
Diary and Time Management with Outlook – 2007 02:17:00
Diary and Time Management with Outlook – 2016 00:00:00
4.4.4 Time Management For Sales Professionals
Time Management for Sales Professionals 00:44:00
4.4.5 Time Management For Lawyers
Time Management for Lawyers 00:14:00
4.4.6 Time Management For Nurses
Time Management for Nurses 01:08:00
5: Human Resource Management and Leadership Skills
5.1 Hr Management
Overview of Human Resource Management 00:14:00
Forecasting Demand and Cultural Diversity 00:38:00
Job Analysis and Selection 01:23:00
Compensation and Benefits 00:17:00
Personal and Professional Development 00:26:00
Employee Performance Appraisal 00:33:00
Human Resource Legislations 00:38:00
5.2 Leadership Skills
Employee Motivation 01:04:00
Motivation Theories 00:30:00
Employee Motivation Strategies 00:54:00
Team Development and Team Work 00:23:00
6: Telephone Skills
6.1 Telephone Techniques
Telephone Techniques 00:00:00
6.2 Telephone Etiquette
Telephone Etiquette
6.3 Telephone Customer Service Process
Telephone Customer Service 00:00:00
6.4 Power Of Telephone Courtesy
Power of Telephone Courtesy 00:00:00
6.5 Customer Service At Call Centres
The CSR – A Powerful Choice 00:00:00
Getting the Professional Edge 00:00:00
All Important Customers 00:00:00
Building Your Skills 00:00:00
Building Your Skills with Technology 00:00:00
Managing your Attitude 00:00:00
7: Customer Service
7.1 Customer Service Principles
The Value of Customer Good Service 00:00:00
Enhancing Customer Relationship 00:00:00
Dealing with Customer Expectation 00:00:00
Success of Customer Service 00:00:00
Problem Solving 00:00:00
Exercise Files- Customer Service Principles
7.2 Customer Service and Legislation
Customer Service And Legislation
Excellent Customer Service Process 00:00:00
7.3 Customer Service Techniques
Customer Awareness 00:00:00
Improving Your Customer Service Leadership 00:00:00
Exercise Files- Customer Service Techniques
Building Teamwork for Customer Service 00:00:00
7.4 Customers and Communication In Business
Customers And Communication In Business
Communication Skills for Customer Service 00:00:00
7.5 Creating A Positive Impression Among the Customers
Creating A Positive Impression Among The Customers
7.6 Dealing With Requests, Queries and Issues
Dealing With Requests, Queries And Issues
Handling Customer Complains 00:00:00
7.7 Customer Relationship
Customer Relationship
7.8 Feedback and Sales
Feedback And Sales
Additional Study Materials
Module Handouts- HR Management
Additional Study Materials – HR Management
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Diploma in Office Administration – Multi skills 01:00:00
Exam: Diploma in Office Administration – Multi skills 01:00:00
Certificate Download Guide
Certificate Download Guide 00:03:00


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You can get a jumpstart to your career by taking on job opportunities in this sector, including Office Administrator, Administrative Officer, and Human Resource Administrator to Administrative Assistant.

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    This course has tremendously improved my knowledge. I greatly benefited through this program. Loved the overall learning experience and guidance.

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    Madaline Macathy

    December 07, 2018
    Informative & Useful Course!

    This course was very informative and useful. I love the pace of it as you can break it down and take your time which is helpful for those of us with busy lifestyles. I feel like I learnt a lot, and the quality of knowledge I have gained has all been personally and professionally worthwhile my time

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